Digital Astronomy from Scratch

The following pages are my exploration of the sky using a Meade ETX and various cameras (video cameras and digital cameras). I started out just using what I had on hand: a Meade ETX on a camera tripod and a Hi8 videocamera on another tripod. Over the years I have added equipment which greatly increases the quality of the images: the ETX is now on a real equatorial mount; instead of a videocamera I now use a Canon PowerShot G3 and a Unibrain Fire-i webcam, and the second tripod has been replaced by an adapter that mounts the digital camera directly over the telescope's eyepiece. See the introductory page for more details on the setup.

 Don't forget I have a page for my Celestron C8 too.

Images of the Sun

Images of Planets

Images of the Moon

Deep sky images