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I am always happy to hear from Wilmots and Wilmot fans around the world. Send me some news and it it may appear here, or on one of the other pages of the Wilmot Home. Most of the notes below are excerpts from email posted elsewhere on this site.

Here are two animated films of Wilmot the cartoon character, inspired by the stuffed animal:

(Mark Graybill, 18 July 2012)

"shout out to all the wilmots haha" -Colette (28 June 2010)

"i can't beleave there are so many other wilmot i love this site" -- jonina wilmot (5 July 2006)

Wilmot Pets
Hi, My name is Rebecca Wilmot.. I have two little furry pet guinea pigs,
Vincent Wilmot and Jimmy Wilmot. Jimmy looks surprising like your stuffed
toy, Wilmot.
Hi to all the other Wilmots out there, spelled the right way of course.
Theres a series on childrens' television (in the UK) called Wilmot that is
running at the moment. Bye for now

Wilmot and Jimmy Wilmot bear an uncanny resemblance to each other!

Rebecca (rebecca.wilmot@permabond.com, 23 July 2003. Photo added 19 June 2004)

Eternally grateful I am truly yours (Wilmot Irvin, 18 October 2003)

wow - just found the web site and i am amazed...let us unite and conquer (Steve Wilmot, 27 June 2003)

WOW!! Love this site am going to send it to my family in england. (David Wilmot, 22 August 2003)

love the site.. as I am one with you all (Martin Wilmot, 12 June 2003)

I was amazed to find this fantastic website. (Peter Wilmot, 1/7/2001)

WOW! What a site! (Guy Eardley-Wilmot, 7/10/2000)

Nice to see a Wilmot Web Site, spelt correctly too (no N). (Sean L. Wilmot, 5/13/2000)

Hi, I just came across your page and I love it. It's great to find so many Wilmots and to hear that I am not the only one with the "n" problem. It is a constant irritant! Love and peace to all you Wilmots! We are connected... (Paul Wilmot, 5/5/2000)

I just revisited The Wilmot Home Page tonight. As before, I was quite impressed with the numerous offerings by Wilmots and non-Wilmots all over the world. (Wilmot B. Valhmu, 2/24/00)

I just read your Wilmot home page and I have decided it`s one of the best sites on the web...By the way my sister (also a wilmot ha ha) is obsessed with stuffed toys. Wait until I tell her about this. Seeya, Mark Wilmot. (11/2/99)

i really enjoyed the site. long live wilmot!!!! lorianne [annie] wilmot-iacobellis (2/8/00)

Hello Fellow Wilmot`s, its amazing what you find when you are bored scanning the inter net.Keep the Wilmot name going Mark Wilmot, Bristol,England. (2/10/00)

hey, loved your web page of wilmots!!!!!!!!!!! luv Chris (christina3_7@hotmail.com, 12/15/99)

"Hi,i think your site is brill!...I'd love a mention on your site,and any body who'd like to e-mail me! Sad arn't i!love it though! thanks,Anthony Wilmot." (anthonywilmot@hotmail.com, 10/17/99)

"My eternal gratitude to the originator of this website and hello to all you other Wilmots out there, keep it alive." (Wilmot E. Roberts III 8/6/99)

"Great fun to hear all about Wilmot's...Thanks....Trip" (Trip Wilmot, 8/2/99)