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Wilmot, Ohio, USA

Wilmot is a town in Pima County Arizona, USA
Wilmot is a town in Ashley County Arkansas, USA
Wilmot is a town in Noble County Indiana, USA
Wilmot is a town in Cowley County Kansas, USA
Wilmot is a town in Tuscola County Michigan, USA
Wilmot is a town in Washington County Mississippi, USA
Wilmot is a town in Merrimack County New Hampshire, USA
Wilmot is a town in Jackson County North Carolina, USA
Wilmot is a town in Stark County Ohio, USA
Wilmot is a town in Bradford County Pennsylvania, USA
Wilmot is a town in Roberts County South Dakota, USA
Wilmot is a town in Kenosha County Wisconsin, USA
(Thanks to the Xerox Map Gateway for help in filling out this list)

Wilmot is a Creek and School in Jefferson County, Colorado
Wilmot is a Ranch in Chaffee County, Colorado
Wilmot is a Brook in New Haven County, Connecticut
Wilmot is a Cemetery in Banks County, Georgia
Wilmot is a Gulch in Lemhi County, Idaho
Wilmot is a Junior High School in Lake County, Illinois
Wilmot is a Oilfield in Cowley County, Kansas
Wilmot is a Church and Cemetery in Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Wilmot is a Brook in Sagadahoc County, Maine
Wilmot is a Bay (Wilmot Cove) in Washington County, Maine
Wilmot is a Town (Wilmot Woods) in Westchester County, New York
Wilmot is a Mountain in Orange County, Vermont
Wilmot Flats is a town in Vermont
Wilmot is a Town in King George County, Virginia

Wilmot, New Hampshire, USA

The beautiful town of Wilmot, in northern Tasmania, and Coles Store in Wilmot (Arthur Pulford, sacheverel@talktalk.net, 13 March 2010)

In Hobart, Tasmania there is a memorial to Sir John Eardley-Wilmot and in the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is the Wilmot Wall. Arthur Pulford has kindly sent a few pictures of the memorial and the wall. The pictures are (1) The Eardley-Wilmot memorial in St David's Park, Hobart. (2) The Eardly-Wilmot Wall in the Botanical Gardens (with Arthur standing beside it). (3) The memorial inscription and (4) Information about the Wilmot wall. (Arthur Pulford, sacheverel@talktalk.net, 13 March 2010)

The village of Wilmot, Wisconsin, USA was named for the Wilmot Proviso; nobody could agree on what to call it, so a frustrated villager sarcastically remarked that they might as well call it after "this Wilmot proviso" that was getting so much attention. (Amy Kessler, akessler@current.com, 25 February 2010)

Wilmot is a town in Prince Edward Island, Canada
Wilmot is a township in southwestern Ontario, Canada (Tim Thiessen, 21 August 1995)

There is a town in Tasmania called Wilmot, near the River Wilmot. We have several Wilmot Streets, presumably named after an early Governor  of this colony, Sir John Eardley-Wilmot. (This family has been to all of them). Also, we have a large stone wall in our Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens called the Wilmot Wall. (swkwjwbw@primus.com.au10/23/2000).

While doing some genealogy research, I find I have a great uncle who was born in Wilmot, Nevada (1901). Can find no trace of this city. Any leads? Many thanks! (Becky C. 5/16/2000 eastern Colorado)

I live on Wilmot Ave in Somers Point , New Jersey (Seaweed303@aol.com, 12/9/99)

Wilmot is a street in Manchester new hampshire USA (Jvsysyn@aol.com, 10/16/99)

Geographical Wilmots in the United Kingdom. WILMOT CLOSE is a little road in north London just west of the St. Pancras and Islington Cemetry. I'm guessing that some of the road names in that area were taken from graves in the cemetry. My family's grave is in there containing three WILMOTS. (Apparently, there's room for one more on top.) My father is still alive and kicking at 91 years old.

There's another WILMOT CLOSE in Peckham, south London. WILMOT PLACE is off St. Pancras Way, Camden in north London. Another WILMOT PLACE is in Hanwell, west London. Then there's three WILMOT ROADS in London. One in Leyton, another in Wood Green and another in Carshalton, south London. (Rick Wilmot, 1999)


There's a Wilderness Center in Wilmot, Ohio USA. (2/28/97)

Wilmot United Church is at the corner of King and Carleton Streets in downtown Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Their present church was built in 1852, proving that Wilmots have been in Canada a long time. (2/28/97)

It was reported that Wilmot is the name of a school in Deerfield, Illinois. (DownWithSJ@aol.com 10/19/96)

Mark Czerniec was kind enough to put a link to here from the Kenosha Recreation, Attractions, & Events page, where he mentions the Kenosha County Fair in Wilmot, WI from August 14th to 18th. (6/11/96)

The headquarters for Walgreen's drugstore is located at 200 Wilmot Road in Deerfield, Illinois (Art Lassagne 5/28/96)

Wilmot Road, Tucson Arizona, USA

Wilmot Road in Arizona (the bear is Travel Bear). Thanks to friends Kathy & Matt for the picture! 6/15/96.

Matersknot@aol.com kindly pointed out that Wilmot Road is a major north-south road in Tucson, AZ. There is also a Wilmot Street in San Francisco, CA. (10/7/99, also Art Lassagne 9/19/99)

Wilmot Creek, is I believe a tributary of the Oconee River in northern Georgia. It crosses Interstate 85 just south of hwy 129 (if you want to try to locate it on a map for confirmation). (Bob Hole 8/29/95)


Internic shows that Wilmot/Sanz, Inc.in Gaithersburg, MD, USA went to all the trouble of registering the domain name "www.Wilmot.com". But for some reason, they haven't bothered to put up any web pages. I wonder if anyone ever goes there thinking that they're getting to this page? (Bob Hole, Jr., 9/18/97) Followup: Wilmot/Sanz, Inc. now has their Web site online. Yes, that's right, there's really a "www.Wilmot.com" on the Web now! Welcome Wilmot/Sanz! (1/29/98).

Rich Hand tells me that there's a Wilmot Engineering in White Haven, Pennsylvania that makes and designs coal-handling equipment.(5/26/96).