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Welcome to the Wilmot home page. Since 1995 this web page has been providing information about Wilmots to Wilmots and others curious about the name Wilmot.

If your last name is Wilmot and you are looking for information on other Wilmots, you might want to go straight to the Wilmot genealogy page. If you are one of those rare individuals whose first name is Wilmot, you might be surprised to find you are not alone.

The creator of this site is not a Wilmot. He stumbled upon the name in the late 1970's through a small, red stuffed animal that was given to him by his friend Dave. That Wilmot was probably won at the Kenosha County Fair in Wilmot, Wisconsin sometime in the early '70's. Wilmot somewhat resembles a large red rat with no legs and no mouth. His tail was added later as it seemed the natural addition.

Actual photo of Wilmot
Cartoon depiction of Wilmot
(Probably from the Kenosha County Fair, Wilmot, Wisconsin, USA)

What's here?

This site is broken into several sections to make your Wilmot research more efficient and enjoyable:

  • Wilmot Genealogy - an aid to genealogical research for people whose ancestors have the surname Wilmot, as well as interesting stories from Wilmots around the world
  • Wilmot History - famous Wilmots in history and fiction, and famous things called Wilmot
  • Wilmot Geography - towns, streets, rivers, companies all named Wilmot!
  • Wilmot Lore - stories of the original inspiration for this page, pictures of Wilmot in various places, Wilmot sitings, Wilmot trivia, Wilmot near misses ("wilmont", ugh!)
  • Wilmot Fan Mail - interesting Wilmot-related email we've received

A question for you

If you are a Wilmot (last name or first name), how do you pronounce your name? Is it "Will-mott", "Will-mutt", "Will-mo" or some other variation? Do you stress the "Wil" or the "mot"? Any information you can send me on Wilmot pronunciation would be appreciated.


Can you believe it? They made a movie about a Wilmot! The Libertine, starring Johnny Depp.

Little known Wilmot facts:

  • A Wilmot was the last to die in the U.S. Revolutionary War
  • A Wilmot was instrumental in causing the U.S. Civil War (and the Republican Party)
  • A Wilmot played an instrumental part in the British Civil War
  • Wilmots were the first to see UFOs over Roswell, New Mexico
  • Famous Wilmots include authors, poets, playwrights, comedians, soldiers, gunsmiths, inventors and founders ofcorporations
  • Wilmot is NOT spelled with an "n"!
  • All of this and more can be found on these pages...

    It's a corner of heaven itself,
    Though it's only a tumble-down nest,
    With love brooding there, why no place can compare
    With my little grey home in the West.
    - D. Eardley-Wilmot, 1911
    (Thanks to Conrad Nay for leading me to this song)

Searching for More Wilmots?

Clicking on one of these search-engine links will take you to many more Wilmot references:

The online encyclopedia,, has many references to Wilmot. Anyone can add to wikipedia, so if you have information on a Wilmot, you might want to update the pages yourself.

If you're searching for a living person named Wilmot, try one of these searches:
(You'll have to type in Wilmot yourself)

If you're searching for a Wilmot that has passed away, you might want to try the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) ( is one of many sites with SSDI data).

Some books, movies and television shows by or about Wilmots:

Some World-Wide Web Domain Names with Wilmot:

  • is registered by the Wilmot/Sanz corporation (1997)
  • was an elementary school in Evergreen, Colorado, but they might not have renewed their DNS. Been around since December 1998.
  •, the township of Wilmot in Ontario, Canada
  • -- created in February 2004, owned by; not used, but not available
  • -- created in January 2001; no other information
  • -- created in December 2003; "Nottingham Vocational Training Scheme"
Want to buy Wilmot-related products?

There aren't a lot of stores out there that cater directly to Wilmots, but Cafe Press does have some interesting merchandise.

There is a website for family crests that lets you put the Wilmot Family Crest on various products.

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