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The original inspiration

Among other things (as you'll see below), Wilmot is the name of a stuffed animal. I inherited Wilmot from my friend Dave (the details are still fuzzy, but Dave apparently doesn't need Wilmot back, and it's been 16 years or so). Wilmot is red, and about the size of a slice of watermelon. Wilmot has two eyes, a purple nose, two black ears, and a tail. He has no mouth and no feet. His tail is missing from time to time (as it holds on via velcro). Wilmot is often mistaken for a rat. Based on fuzzy memory and piecing together a few clues, we believe Wilmot may have originally been a prize from the Kenosha County Fair in Wilmot, Wisconsin, USA sometime in the early 1970's. If anyone has seen a creature like Wilmot (with or without tail) that came from a fair in a town somewhere "Back East", please let me know.

Wilmot has been to Europe, Canada, and all around the US. I have made a couple clones of Wilmot, one of which visited Japan. He has had many adventures worth telling which I may put up on this home page, such as the time he was adopted by coyotes, or when he visited the hoodoos at Yoho. But mostly he's a fairly inert creature.

Wilmot sitting on a desk 



Wilmot and the Hoodoos at Yoho
(Wilmot is at bottom center) 

More pointless photos of Wilmot the stuffed animal in bizarre locales

Wilmot Sightings

This section contains interesting references to Wilmot, such as television commercials or shows, songs, and the origin of the name. For cities, towns, rivers, schools, streets, churches etc., see Wilmot Geography. Of course, for people with first or last name 'Wilmot', see Wilmot Genealogy.

Waldo Wilmot Moore is the first revealed murder victim in the Nero Wolfe mystery Too Many Women by Rex Stout. (Mark Graybill, 18 February 2020)

Wilmot Street in San Francisco

(Thanks to Greg Tracy for the photos, February 2016)

A modern Canadian Wilmot Playgwright!
Michael Wilmot

Caroline Wilmot sent this great photo of the pump badge from a bar in the UK:

(8 August 2014)

Kady Cassandra Wilmot sent us a nice photo of a Wilmot street sign from Palm Beach, Florida, USA:

(11 April 2011)

I always assumed Wilmot derived from the French 'Guillemot' for 'little William.' (Naomi Tinsley, 18 November 2009)

I just bought a house in england called Stubton Hall that was lived in by the Wilmots - I think around early 1900s. The house is pretty big and i expect they were a grand branch of the family. Does this ring a bell? Is there anything you can tell me about them? (kent@jamestown.co.uk, 15 October 2006)

Innovation: The Five Disciplines for Creating What Customers Want (Hardcover), a new book on innovation by Curtis R. Carlson (CEO of SRI International) and William W. Wilmot (consultant, director of the Collaboration Institute) was published in August 2006. The book was reviewed in BusinessWeek and Time. (WWWilmot@aol.com, 16 September 2006)

Wilmot is a character in "Jeeves and Wooster" episode "Safety in New York (or, Bertie Sets Sail)" (1992) played by actor Ronan Vibert. The series was based on novels by P.G. Wodehouse. (Bob Hole, 5 September 2006)

Mark Wilmot of North Oxford, Massachusetts wrote to me about a new sport that he has pioneered called Super Scoreball.

Super Scoreball, a new sport!
More information at http://www.superscoreball.org/ (Mark Wilmot, 22 June 2006)

eBay had for sale a book once owned by Sir Edward Wilmot, 1st Bart Of Chaddesdon. The book's "ex Libris" bookplate had Sir Wilmot's arms and the motto " Delectant Domi Non Impediunt Foris." (Thanks to Peter Haynes, 7 April 2003)

It is said in scholarly books that the name Wilmot comes from Wilhelm, which is scandinavian origin and would be built from "will" and "helm" (helmet). ( Michel Wilmot, 19 October 2002)

Bill Wilmot, a fan of this site, wanted a link to his site. Here you go: www.CollaborationInstitute.com ....turning challenges into opportunities
( 21 December 2002)

The Ron Wilmot Bike Ride. A fundraiser for helping people with AIDS. (B Hole, 5/11/2000)

Ashborough@aol.com writes: You might want to check out the provenance of the editor of Instauration. His name is Wilmot Robertson. He can be reached at Howard Allen Enterprises, P. O. Box 76, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920. The magazine has a very tiny circulation, but on that list are some of the most influential people on the planet. It deals with the politics of America as it dissolves into separate tribes, and as such, is pessimistic. I myself know next to nothing about Mr. Wilmot Robertson, but read his magazine. It is the only place, other than your website, that I have ever seen the name Wilmot without the "n." If you order a sample copy, you will quickly find that it is NOT politically correct; yet it makes interesting reading. Hope I have provided an extra lead. (9/17/99)

Steve M. informs us: The big cheese who runs the MCI Classic Golf Tournament (right after the Masters) on Hilton Head Island is Steve Wilmot. His company is called Classic Sports. He helped run the Family Circle Magazine Cup tennis tournament for many years, and I believe he either played or coached in the USFL. (8/17/99)

Saturn car commercials are showing a guy moving into a new office...a promotion(?). His name is Mike Wilmot(8/4/99)

Gary Wilmot of Manchester, England notes that there is a british tv series called Wilmot which is about a small boy who has magic powers. (7/8/99)

Masada Wilmot was the wardrobe director for the TV series "The Prisoner" and "Space:1999", as well as for the movie "The Wicker Man". (Mark Graybill, 12/15/98)

David McCallum notes that a band called Sabres of Paradise has a song called "Wilmot" - He has no idea what it means or refers to. You can find info at: http://www.warp-net.com/warp/. They also apparently have songs called "Wilmot Meets Lord Scruffage" and "Wilmot's Last Skank".(1/19/98).

James in the U.K. writes: We named our dog Wilmot. He's a black 'n' white third generation mongrel. Wilmot (aka Willy) is noisy, highly-strung and consumed with numerous neuroses. The receptionist at his vets persists in spelling Wilmot's name "Wilmont", she just can't get it right. Special mention should go to the anchor in his life - his friend Miss Wednesday, a slightly more stable, headstrong and cantankerous bitch. (8/8/97)

Wilmot Toyota - New Zealand, I believe

Check out the cool band Wilmot Proviso!(Rob McCaleb 10/19/96)

Baby Wilmots discovered on Mars? You be the judge. (Seriously, Wilmot is very excited about the discovery of evidence of potential ancient Martian life) (Summer 1996)

The correct pronunciation of WILMOT

The correct pronunciation seems to be "WILLmutt", although I've always said "WILL mott." How do you pronounce it? Please email me with details of how you say 'Wilmot.'

Chawn Marie Wilmot of Jacksonville, Florida says: "when someone says Wilmot I usually say Wilmot...will too!! ;)" (21 August 2013)

Wilmot Variants
(near misses)


This website has concentrated on Wilmot spelled with a single 'l', one 't' and zero 'n's. However, Wilmot can be spelled in many different ways all of which are valid. I have seen spellings such as "Willmott", "Willmot", "De Wilmot" and even "Willimot." It's likely that the variations all have a common root in "Wilmot", which I understand is a diminutive of "William".

Below are reports of variations on the name.

Willmot and the birth of ASCII

"Major Booth and Mr. Willmot's New Keyboard Perforator for the Baudot Printing Telegraph System" is the caption for an image in a paper titled The Evolution of Character Codes, 1874-1968 by Eric Fischer. No first name is given, but Mr. Willmot was apparently "of the British Post Office." (Mark Graybill, 16 March 2016)

Willmots from Somerset County, England, UK

Our family of Willmots come from Somerset settled in St Athens and then moved up the valleys to Maesteg
Helen Willmot-Anderson (Helen.Anderson@bridgend.gov.uk, 23 October 2015).

A new Wilmot variation: Willimont

I came across your website today.

I am researching the connections between all Wilmot's not matter how they spell the name. I have connected my family Willimont to the Wilmot's in England and those who came to the new world in the 1600's as well as a branch in Australia. i still have many connections to go.

I would like to add this spelling Willimont.

Thank You,
Sharon Willimont Newton

Sharon Newton
kangaroonewton@gmail.com (8 October 2015)

Tracing the Willmott name
My name is Maxwell Kean and I live in Gander, Newfoundland. I have traced my ancestry on my mothers side to Henry John Willmott born 1818 in Shaftesbury, England and emigrated to Newfoundland where he died in 1916. Looking for any info on his family. (Maxwell Kean, maxnada@gmail.com, 30 May 2015)

One branch of my family tree includes the name Wilmarth (sometimes spelled with 2Ls: Willmarth). Apparently Wilmarth is a variation of the name Wilmot and family lore, along with some genealogy work by others, suggests our Wilmaths descend from a Wilmot who was an early settler in Massachusetts. Do you have any information on this connection?

Jan Harding, granddaughter of Helen Wilmarth, born in Elk Point , SD, USA (janha44@gmail.com 27 March 2015)

Queena Willmott
Hello my name is Queena Willmott and i just wanted to say hi from Newfoundland, Canada! I can't get all fancy and tell you where / who I'm from because all i know are my grandparents as of right now, but i hope to chance that soon. (queena_willmott@hotmail.com, 9 November 2014)

Does an extra 'T' matter?
That's what Peter Willmott of Woodend, Victoria, Australia asks. To which I reply: Does an extra 'L' matter? (p.willmott@polarisfp.com.au, 6 January 2012)

Different is Good
Who are you to decide how Willmot is spelt? Clearly. as in many surnames, there are variations. (
Rian Willmot, 23 July 2006)

Hi, My maiden name is WILMOTT---2 T's.  Have you seen it spelled like this? Do you have any contact info on others with the same spelling?
My father is Walter Wilmott, which is all I know since I have never met him. I am from the NYC tri-state area.  Any info on WALTER??
Thanks. Pat (16 July 2004)

Charles Willmott in Tasmania, Australia
I'm researching Willmott/Wilmott families from Tasmania, Australia.
Specifically I'm researching Charles Willmott who was born in Tasmania in 1820.
His birth was not registered so I don't know who his parents were. They were probably convicts!
If anyone can help, please drop me a line.
Thanks very much! Donna Matthews (19 November 2003)

Wilmot or Willmut
There is a reference to Willmut as a variant of the Wilmot name on the genealogy page.

Wil(l)mot(t) History
I was interested to come across your site.  Although my name has perhaps rather too many 'l's and 't's for the purist, your readers may be interested to look at some of the Wil(l)mot(t) family material on our web-site.
At http://members.lycos.co.uk/nicholaswillmott/id40.htm there is an account of those Wilmots who were involved in the Monmouth Rebellion. 
Elsewhere on the site can be found information about my father's career during the Second World War, and my grandfather's during the First.
Best wishes, Nicholas Willmott (willmott_wayne@hotmail.com, 11 November 2003)

My family of Wilmott
Hi my name is Janet strawbridge, my mothers name was Joan Petrina Wilmott, her fathers name was Walter Charles Wilmott and her mother was Beatrice Minnie [nee Lewis]. My mother had brothers and sisters,their names were norman, Mervyn,Aden,Betty, Eunice i think there may have been one or two more but not really sure.Last known Address Was Railway street Newport South Wales, it has been a few years trying to locate any of my family with no success. This is the closest i have come but the surname is not spelt the same, if there is anybody out there who can help please e-mail me. I live in Adelaide South Australia. 
Regards Janet (janetjohn@bigblue.net.au, 27 September 2003)

The Wilmot name in Germany a long time ago was "WILLMOUNTH". Talk about a mouth full. Why does everyone want to put the n in Wilmo(n)t?
Phil Wilmot (PHILWILMOT@aol.com,11/5/2000)

afoley@vtown.com.au (8/20/2000)

I've been bestowed with the name Wilmot for six years now through marriage to my husband Gary, and if I had a pound for everytime I've told people that it's spelt with "one L and one T", I would be languishing in the caribbean for most of the year!! Nice name though. (Jo Wilmot, Hertfordshire, 5/14/2000)

Wilmot B. Valhmu writes: The most famous individual with a name that is a variant of Wilmot is Dr. Ian Wilmut. Remember Dolly? Well, Dr. Wilmut and his research colleagues were the first to report cloning of a viable mammal. I believe that Dr. Wilmut deserves a listing among the Wilmots (Wilmuts) of the world. (2/24/00).

 Bob Wilmot has had some bad experiences with the letter "n" creeping into Wilmot: Just on a goof, I entered "Wilmot" as a search term on EBay, and look what came up! The most important Wilmot issue: Why so many non-Wilmots feel compelled to put that damn 'N' in there? I was even in the phone book for a year as Wilmont, and people I've known for years (even my father-in-law!) have DONE IT! I can show people my drivers license and they'll copy it down as Wilmont. Bad bad bad. (8/4/99)

Once upon a time on the Web...

1995: In July 1995 a Yahoo search for Wilmot turned up nothing.
In July 1995 the WebCrawler found 17 references, which I included on the WebCrawler Findings page (which for some reason appears to be lost).
In February 1996, Yahoo found 239 instances of Wilmot
1996: 6/11/96, Now it only finds 3 instances. Yahoo!, get a grip!
1997: 2/28/97, Found 2 Category and 27 Site Matches for Wilmot on Yahoo! Wilmot Mountain and Wilmot, Wisconsin are the category hits)
1999: 4/13/99 AltaVista found 20,843 Wilmot Web pages
2006: 10/30/06: Google currently finds about 3,990,000 pages when you search for "wilmot". The Wilmot Home Page is the third hit.
2012: 01/12/12: Google currently finds about 10,600,000 pages when you search for "wilmot". The Wilmot Home Page is still the third hit.