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These pages contain email I've received from various Wilmots around the world. Many of these people are doing genealogical research. Others just happened to be called Wilmot and are interested in the fact that there are other Wilmots around, as it's a somewhat unusual name. This page is mostly concerned with people whose Last Name (surname) is Wilmot, but several people with First Name Wilmot have written in. There is also a section on variants on the name Wilmot on the Wilmot Lore page, so if your name is Wilmott, Willmott or Willmounth you might also look there. Amazingly, I have never heard of anyone whose real name is "Wilmont" with an 'n'.

Last name (surname) Wilmot

Genealogy of Olive Irene Wilmott
As reported by Irene Cook of Oxfordshire UK

Isaac Willmott 1720 and Elizabeth - Bitton, Gloucester, UK
George W.        1753 and Ann.    - Compton Chamberlain, Wilts.UK
Morgan W.        1790 and Hannah. - Compton Chamberlain, Wilts.UK
Morgan W.        1836 and Sarah.  - Oxford, UK
Morgan W.        1869 and Alice.  - Oxford, UK
Alice Sarah W.   1896.            - Oxford, UK
Olive Irene W.   1914 (ill.dght. of Alice Sarah) Oxford, UK
ME 1941 - daughter of Olive Irene
If anyone can come up with Ancestors prior to 1720 it would be appreciated. I do have names of John 1655 Spondon, Derbyshire, UK, then his son Charles 1680 Bitton, Gloucestershire, UK. They would tie in, but not proved.
Regards, Irene Cooke (gremlins17@outlook.com, 30 March 2023)

William Wilmott ancestors, Isle of Man
I came across your website when I was searching for the ancestors of my great great grandfather, William Wilmott (spelled various ways but usually with two "l"s. He was born around 1847 in Somerset, but moved to Peel in the Isle of Man when he was a young man and married a Manxwoman called Christian Gorry in 1870. I'm not sure what brought him to the Isle of Man, but family lore suggests that he was involved in some kind of illegal activity, like smuggling. I have been trying without any success to find records of him in Somerset/England. I know from his marriage certificate that his father was called Edward Wilmot and that he was a coach driver/coachman. I have searched for a William and Edward Wilmot in the 1861 and 1851 English Census records, but without any luck. I'm hoping that some of your readers might be able to provide some information from their family records. One other clue is that the name Pearce seems to be connected to William (he named his oldest son William Pearce Wilmott and the name reappears as a first name in later generations of the family). I'm not sure if William's mother's maiden name was Pearce or there was some other family connection to a Pearce family. I can be contacted at citeh@shaw.ca

Gary Wilson
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada (10 July 2021)

Genetic testing to trace South African Wilmot Lineage
I have been researching the large Wilmot family in South Africa who are descended from the 1820 Settler, Joseph Edward Wilmot (1789-1865). One of Joseph's brothers, John Wilmot (1790-1853) settled in Ontario, Canada, and has many descendants living there.
We have started to do Y-DNA testing on male Wilmots in South Africa. It would be very interesting to find Y-DNA matches with Wilmots from Canada and elsewhere in the world.
Y-DNA testing is used to trace the male line from father to son, and is extremely useful for specific surname studies. We hope to start a study of the Wilmot surname but need more participants.
I would encourage any Wilmot males interested in being tested to use Family Tree DNA, as they are the largest service doing Y-DNA testing.
Gary Brunette
garybrunette@aol.com (20 March 2021)

Wilmoth, Wilmott, Wilmots from Cloyne, Cork, Ireland & Manhattan, New York
My name is Keith Wilmot. I have been researching my genealogical past and, so far, have been able to trace my family back to my 3 x great grandfather in Cloyne, Cork, Ireland. His name was Patrick Wilmoth and by record, he married Anne Nason in 1794 in Cloyne, Cork, Ireland. They had three children as per baptismal records, Patrick, Michael (1803) and Anne. Michael Wilmott (Wilmot) is my 2 x great grandfather and he left Ireland for St. John, New Brunswick, prior to 1830. Michael married Mary Collan (Urney, County Tyrone, Ireland) in New Brunswick in 1830. They had five children in New Brunswick and two more after moving to Manhattan, New York, in approximately 1844. Their first child was James Wilmott (Wilmot) born in 1831, my great grandfather. James married Sophia Kline (Cline) in 1853, in Manhattan, NY. Sophia was from Germany. James and Sophia's had four children, one of which is James A. Wilmot, my paternal grandfather, born 1868, in Manhattan, NY. Both James and Sophia died when James A. was eight years old leaving him an orphan. James was moved to Missouri via the Orphan Train. James A. married Effie Sartain in 1901. My father Noble King Wilmot, was born in 1903 in Fayette, Missouri. If anyone can add to the history I would appreciate it. I have considerable documentation for most. Still trying to find Patrick Wilmoth's history in Cloyne, Cork, Ireland. Thank you, kwilmot@aol.com. (5 January 2019)

Willmotts in Fulham
Hi there, what a great website full of information on Willmott's! I feel like I will be reading this all night long. I am the last Willmott of my family that I know of, my dad is John Frederick Willmott and his dad Frederick John Willmott. After that the details become hazy. I believe my great grandfather was also Frederick John Willmott as well and married a Nellie Maria Lowe, his parents were maybe William and Mary Anne, but thats big guess from my research so far. So basically I'm seeking any information about a William Willmott who potentially married Mary Anne around 1890 and had 4 boys, Fred, William and Walter. They apparently liver in Fulham around 1893 but seem to have split or perhaps William died, leaving Mary alone.

Its so difficult with little information but its great to read everyones story! Good luck to all and have a great start to 2019, I can't believe this website is been up for over 20 years! Amazing :)

My email is fwillmott89@gmail.com if anyone wants to contact me about Willmott! (The greedy way apparently :P) Haha

Thanks All. Freddie (28 December 2018)

Willmott in Wales, England
I am a Willmott and interested to hear anyone else spelt this way and I live in wales in the rhondda valley hope to hear some news. (e-willmott@sky.com, 10 November 2018)

Wilmot in Wiltshire, England
My wife's maiden name is Wilmot her ancestry originating around Devizes, Wiltshire, England with later links to Toronto. Would further information shared be if any interest to anyone in your group.
Regards David (dcandmjprice@gmail.com, 19 August 2018)

Seeking information on John James Wilmot, Farnham and Surrey England
First of all let me thank you for providing this service,how nice of you I am sure it has enlightened many Wilmots.My name at birth,and until I was 11 years old was Daniel Joseph Wilmot.I was adopted by an American couple in England who changed my last name to Steele.My goal is to find out about my father John James Wilmot.He was born 2nd quarter 1906 in Farnham,and died at age 51 in Surrey North East in the third quarter 1957. My fathers death was tragic and very sudden,and I remember it well. Soon after his death,my brother and I were taken by the social services and placed in an orphanage.After one year of the social services unable to locate my mother,we were adopted by an American couple.At the time of adoption I was 8 years old and my brother 9.My father John James Wilmot was a diesel mechanic,and worked for the railway in New Malden.My mothers maiden name was Margaret Mary Whelan and she married my father in North Surrey in 1949.My fathers address at the time of his passing was,140 Dukes Avenue,New Malden Surrey England.I would be so pleased to hear of any information on my father,that anyone might have.Please contact me at email address, steeled005@hawaii.rr.com Much, Mahalo(thank you)and Aloha,Daniel Joseph Wilmot. (24 March 2018)

Connecticut Wilmots
Hopefully I have sent this to the correct person. I was trying to find something on a family friend (close friend of my dad) and neighbor, Alfred Wilmot. I was so surprised to see his name and address, so I know from the address it is the right person refered to.

I recall visiting "Uncle Wilmot" at his home, his wife Lucille and later, after he was widowed and re-married, his wife Sue. My Mom was friends with both of the women.

I would love to contact "Renee Wilmot"....or have her contact me. I have memories and family stories she may not have. (Adelaide Solomon-Jordan, cartersaunders.ltd@gmail.com, 18 March 2018)

Looking for Wilmot/Willmoths from London and other England locales
My grandmother was Alice Florence Emily Willmoth, pronounced Willmot, born in London in 1877. Her father was William Woodley Wllmoth born in London in 1844 and her mother Mary Ann Eldridge. Williams parents were George Woodley Willmoth, born in St Ann's Soho London in 1814 and Ann Woodley. We have not found her birth. Georges parents were Joseph Willmoth/Willmot born in Hammersmith in 1781 and Elizabeth Woodley, born in 1785 ish. Again we haven't found her birthday, but have found a marriage in Lambeth in 1804. Josephs parents were John Wilmott who married Mary Kimble/Kimbel in Acton Middlesex in 1761. We haven't found a birth for John or Mary, so have hit a brickwall in 1761. George Woodley Willmoth/Willmott was of 10 children born to Joseph and Elizabeth.

If anyone wants to contact me they can do so on ylarkins5@gmail.com.
Thanks Yvonne Larkins (In Hertfordshire, England, 23 January 2018).

Looking for Welsh Wilmotts
Hi looking for other Wilmotts stemming from Wales UK

(jessicawilmott@gmail.com, 5 September 2017)

Edward Wilmot, born 1821 Rotherfield Peppard, South Oxfordshire, England

The son of Thomas and Sarah Wilmot, Edward and his family emigrated to the United States in 1854. His descendant Rick Wilmot has written up a detailed document with more information (Rick Wilmot, rick19391939@gmail.com, 13 February 2017)

Patrica Ann Wilmott, Melbourne Australia

Hi I am writing to ask if any can help us find my husbands half sister who is Patrica Ann Wilmott 3/11/1940 her Father was Roy (Tassie) Wilmott mother Annie Edith Kennard she was born in Carlton Melbourne Australia. This branch of the Wilmott family come from Tasmania Australia coming down from Joseph Christian Wilmott (South Hampton England) & Mary Brannagan (Westurbury Tasmania) Any help would be great (Shirley Stone lolly1947@bigpond.com, 8 January 2017)

Wilmot of Malmesbury and Bristol

Hi I am a descendant of the Wilmot my grandfather Arthur Reginald was one of ten children born to Alfred James and Ada Rosina Wilmot of Bristol was wondering if I have any relatives out there somewhere (jcm46@hotmail.co.uk, 31 July 2016)

Irene June (or Jane) Wilmot, 1820, Chautauqua, New York, NY, USA

My oldest Wilmot ancestor is Irene June (or Jane) Wilmot, born around 1820 in Chautauqua, New York. She married George W Black in Chautauqua and moved to Illinois. She died in 1851. If anyone can help me with her ancestry, please contact me! Thanks!
John Stromberger (john.stromberger@district140.org), gedmatch #A236954, ancestry username: kissprof (2 June 2016)

Sabina Wilmot of Holy Trinity, Shaftesbury, Dorset England

My maiden name was Christine Short and although not a Wilmot by name, I am descended from Sabina Wilmot of Holy Trinity, Shaftesbury, Dorset who married Joseph Short in 1836 and came across to Cwmtillery, South Wales by 1851. Sabina was born in 1809 and a daughter of Morgan Wilmot and Mary Freke. However, I have come across a few Morgan Wilmots and I'm not 100% sure which one is which. Is there anyone else researching Wilmots from Shaftesbury?

I really appreciate your dedication to the web site and the Wilmot family. Congratulations.

Kind regards
Christine Baillie Saudi Arabia/South Wales (chrisbaillie@me.com, 23 April 2016)

Seeking photos of Mary Wilmot-Sitwell 1786-1858

I am trying to find photos of Mary as have been trying to do research on her and her husband Charles Arkwright he passed away 28 Dec 1850.

Could you please please let me know a website if any I could look up. I have been part of the Arkwright family for over 25years and also accompanied my companion John Henry Arkwright to Cromford England. John is now 96years. (natures_compliments@yahoo.com, 13 April 2016)

Ellen Wilmot-from Ireland to Massachusetts

Hi, I've been doing genealogy on my great grandmother Ellen Wilmot. I have her birth certificate from Limerick Ireland. Her Father was Thomas Wilmot born about 1821 Ireland, died 1901 Ireland. I can't find any more information on him. We always thought Wilmot was Irish but after reading things online it appears it may be an English name. Have you come across any information on the Irish Wilmots while during your genealogy? Thanks so much for your time. (elagacy@comcast.net, 23 March 2016)

Willmots from Somerset County, England, UK

Our family of Willmots come from Somerset settled in St Athens and then moved up the valleys to Maesteg
Helen Willmot-Anderson (Helen.Anderson@bridgend.gov.uk, 23 October 2015).

A new Wilmot variation: Willimont

I came across your website today.

I am researching the connections between all Wilmot's not matter how they spell the name. I have connected my family Willimont to the Wilmot's in England and those who came to the new world in the 1600's as well as a branch in Australia. i still have many connections to go.

I would like to add this spelling Willimont.

Thank You,
Sharon Willimont Newton

Sharon Newton
kangaroonewton@gmail.com (8 October 2015)

Relatives of David Wilmot, author of the Wilmot Proviso

Hi, Like many others I stumbled on your page by accident. I am related to David Wilmot, author of the Wilmot Proviso, Senator from PA 1861-1863, and one of several founders of the Republican Party. The sister (Arabella) of David's wife Anna Morgan married my great great grandfather, Bradley Atwood Howell. Charles as David's young nephew became very close to his uncle David and his Aunt "Annie." I have through inheritance what our family always called the "Wilmot desk" and chair, a very small portrait of him, and several of his old books, as well as letters he wrote his wife. I've always been curious about his background and I see on your website that there are many Wilmot's all over the world from whom he could have been descended! I have not been able to find out anything more about him than what is reported on Wikipeida.When I was a child growing up in Alexandria, VA, we went to a pediatrician named Dr. Ben Wilmot. He and my mother figured that maybe they were 5th or 6th cousins! Karen Morris, morriskk@hotmail.com (6 October 2015)

Connecticut Wilmots

My name is Renee Wilmot. I lived in Stamford Connecticut. My dad name was Edwin Wilmot. My Grand father name was Alfred A Wilmot lived at 13 Waverly Place Stamford Connecticut . Have a brother name Alfred Wilmot. A sister name Patricia Wilmot. (Renee Wilmot, 19 September 2015)

Wilmots of Michigan

Hi my name is Scott Wilmot and I live in Michigan. My fathers name is Robert Wilmot at 79 years old an his fathers name was Forest. I have one brother his name is Mark and two sisters Carol an Annie. My grandfathers wife was Hazel Wilmot who's Madian name was Laidlaw. Apparently my gg settled here in Michigan and a small town (Wilmot) was named after him. It's still there but not much going on now. Back in the 70's President Ford flew in on a helicopter and did a campaign appearance in Wilmot. The gathering was at the Catholic Church named St Michaels. I was only about 8 or 9 then and I remember it was a big deal. This was the same Church my family attended growing up. I just though I would share this with all my fellow surname having the same interest. My email is ilssi2010@hotmail.com. If you would like to exchange info.

Very best regards!

Scott Wilmot (ilssi2010@icloud.com, 2 September 2015)

William Wilmot 1628-1689, Connecticut, USA

William Wilmot (born 1628 and died 1689. son of Benjamin Wilmot born 1589 died 1669. No record of where Benjamin Wilmot came from; he & his wife Anne are recognized in the "Family of Ancient New Haven" by Donald's Lines Jacobus, page 1981. Other records show he was in CT as early as 1641. From Colonial Records it would appear that Benjamin Wilmot was name or nick-named "Goodman" for on May 2, 1848, "Old Goodman Wilmot and Samuel Marsh took the oath of findellite."c From other Asa Wilmot and his wife Sarah Johnson had eight children, 1 son died in infancy, 6 sons fought in the Revolutionary War. Names: Elijah, Thomas, Asa Jr., Amos, Joel and Elisha. (State Library Dept of Archives, Hartford CT. My father's family descended from Elijah who was born in CT August 31, 1742 and died in Prospect MA about 1814. Stephen Burnell Wilmot Jr. born in Steuben Co NY, July 25, 1836 near Wilton ND 1904. (Judith Wilmot, judithwilmot@comcast.net, 23 July 2015)

Eleanor Wilmot, London

Eleanor Wilmot was the wife of one of my relatives, Thomas Dearn, they lived in Clare Market ( now the site of the LSE ) London in the 18thC and were apparently pottery dealers. In 1777 for reasons yet to be identified they adopted the legitimate son of a Royal who was in fact to the heir to the throne, but he did not know it until 26 yoa. The story is recited in the book " Sporting the Oak " which should be of great interest to any Wilmots related to Eleanor. It was Eleanor's brothe, a vicar who secretly, but legitimately married the Royal and his wife in Calais. I would like any or all information about Eleanor that anyone has because she appears to have been removed from the records as has the brother, maybe not a surprise as the fracas caused George 3 to pass the royal Marriage Act. The Royal in question married Anne Houghton/Horton so you will not find him difficult to identify. Hoping someone can shed some light and then we can connect this to the living descendents of the child who was Thomas Downes Wilmot Dearn. Eleanor also had a brother who was a very wealthy trading mariner and who sadly died in Calcutta c 1779 about whom there is also not much on the record, so again anything that is known would be useful

Thanks K Dearn Sydney (nicholadearn1@bigpond.com, 21 March 2015)

This branch of the Wilmots went west, MO, settled in ND, some went on to CA. Now there is a first cousin, Timothy Paul Wilmot, who moved to Australia.

Wilmots in Ecuador

Hi to everyone with our lastname,

Im Thomas Wilmot, and lived in Guayaquil, Ecuador. My father is Juan Wilmot and he establised in Huigra, a small city in the ecuadorian highlands, he worked as a telegrapher in ecuadorian railroads during 1942. His father was John Wilmot, a jamaican guy. I will liked to find people with my lastname in others parts of the world.

Keep in touch, my email is wilmottomas@hotmail.com Thomas Wilmot (9 October 2014)

Rathdrum/Ballinderry, Wicklow Wilmots

I posted in 2011 re the above branch of the family (see Ballinderry/Rathdrum Wilmots below). 2 Wilmots married Suttons; William m Hannah Jane and Isaac married Catherine (Kate).Looking for these families. My email address is byrne496@btinternet.com .Thanks for all your work. Kind Regards Jane Byrne (10 August 2014)

Wilmot/Willmott Interbreeding

Thought this might be of interest as a random story. I am Caroline Wilmot (spelt the proper way) and my ex boyfriend (father of my daughter) is Adam Willmott (the greedy way). Our four year old daughter is Maisie Willmott. The confusion this causes is hilarious, particularly when registering her with a gp for example.

Thinking I might double barrel her surname! Just pure co incidence. Adam and I did not know we had our surnames in common when we met. I'm guessing she will be the only person in the world who us a mixture of two different types of Wilmot!

Regards Caroline Wilmot (maidinstroud@hotmail.co.uk, 10 August 2014)

Wilmots of Honesdale, Pennsylvania, USA, 1852

I have been researching my family history and for the last 20 years my Wilmot branch has stumped me! I know that my grandmother, Ida A. Wilmot was born in Honesdale PA in 1852. I cannot find her father anywhere. Her mother, Martha Wilmot age 24 is seen living with the Gaylord family in the 1850 census. Her grandmother, Betsy Wilmot is seen the the 1850 census with a boy child of 11 years old listed as L.B. Wilmot and Milo Gaylord 19 years old. In the 1870 census Betsy, Martha and Ida are living together in Honesdale with a Jane Hunter age 9. No male Wilmots anywhere to be found. Betsey Wilmot goes on to live with Martha and Ida well into old age then until her death. I can't figure out if Martha is actually Betsey's daughter and she never married and had Ida or if Martha is Betsy's Mother in law. Anyway...if you have any connections to this family please let me know at candacegreenwald@gmail.com (Candace Phillips, 2 August 2014)

James Wilmot 1623-1682, Oxfordshire England

Good Morning
Just found your website by accident today and thought you might be interested in this Wilmot who was a Baptist Minister in the village of Hook Norton and inprisoned for preaching in 1664 !!!

My 2x Great Grandfather was James Wilmot Newberry of H.N and son of Charles Newberry and Paience Wilmot who married in H.N.

Unfortunately I have not found the link between the 2 families

If you would like to know more about James Wilmot go to www.hook-norton-baptist-church.org.uk (Family tree for James Wilmot)

Best wishes to all Wilmot families

Jane Vale (janevale@btinternet.com, 18 July 2014)

Wilmots of England, Australia, Canada and the Eardley connection

I am a Wilmot originally from the North of England. My grandfather had 13 brothers and one sister. One of his brothers emigrated to Australia, and at least one to Canada. Most of the boys had a Latin name as well as their English name - my grandfather was Joseph Septimus Wilmot, I see at least one of the Wilmots on your page have the name Eardley - that, I was always told, is a "family" name. Scott Coates is also a "family" name, and my father wrote several books about tennis under that name. I now live in Canada (Ann Thompson, mat38@shaw.ca, 24 June 2014)

Wilmots of Texas

I'm the grandson of Teresa Wilmot Quiroz She passed away a few years ago. I was always told that our ancestors, originated from England. My grandmother was from the Hispanic descent, but was very light complected with gray colored eyes. Her father's name was John Wilmot, she had brothers, John, Luis, George and Joe. They lived in Violet Texas on some land that was owned by the Wilmot Family. My grandmother was born on August 09, 1919. Hope this helps. (Abel Guzman, alguzman@bop.gov, 13 June 2014)

Henry James Wilmot

All information i have is that Henry James Wilmot from England came to South Africa Cape Town between 1840 and 1850, married Hermiena Susanna Horn. If someone have more information it will be great - Kobus Niemann (kobusniemann@gmail.com, 26 May 2014)

Henry Wilmot Smith

Hello from Australia. I have a mystery man in my tree whose name is Charles Henry Montague Smith. His death details give his father as Henry Wilmot Smith but he appears to have been born and died at the same time as the man I am looking for, just plain Charles Henry Smith. There is a possible connection to the Lear family in India.The period I am interested in is 1852-1884 Madras India. I hope someone this rings a bell with someone in your list.

With thanks, Elizabeth Agnew (eelahpark@gmail.com, 1 April 2014)

DNA Analysis

Hi all WILMOTs, of whatever spelling and wherever you are !
I've had DNA tests with 23andMe.com and FamilyTreeDNA.com but they've thrown up only a couple of Wilmot matches. If enough of us get tested, there's a fair chance we'll learn where we all came from originally and our links to each other.
If any of you are interested, you're very welcome to contact me at mail@bobwilmott.com.
Bob Wilmott
(11 October 2013)

Looking for the Wilmot connection

I am looking for my Wilmot connection. My mother's first name was Wilmot. (she pronounced it will mutt, but went by Billie) I believe that the connection is my ggg grandmother but have no proof. I think my grandfather, James Wilmot Green's grandmother was a Wilmot. however I can't find proof of his father, James Willow Green, other than he was married to Eliza Porter Boineau sometime after 1870, in South Carolina. James Willow Green mother was most likely a Wilmot (hence my Grandfather's middle name). If you have any sources or information on this family link I would appreciate the help. Thanks,
Lydia Frawley (lgfrawleyrn@yahoo.com, 21 September 2013)

Contacting Brenda Wilmot

I am the granddaughter of Harold Royce WILMOT B: 1893 - D: 1971 He was the youngest child of Henry and Elizabeth Mary Wilmot's 5 children Australia. While looking at this site I see there is a Brenda Wilmot (she posted in 2006) who is from the same family. Twice I have emailed her from this site but had no reply. I wonder if there is any way of contacting her as I have been researching the family and would love talk with her. Thank you.
Judy Willems, Sydney Australia (judywillems@optusnet.com.au, 27 June 2013)

Harriet Wilmot, New Zealand

Hi There
I am searching for information on Harriet Wilmot my great great grandmother, born 1840 or 1843 and she immigrated to New Zealand in 1864 on the Ship Portland.   She married Angus McKenzie in New Zealand in 1866 and had two children Murdoch and Alexander.   Sadly Harriet died in 1868 when the children were very young.   Family members have done the Family Tree and have her belonging to the Sacheveral Wilmot family but I have been informed by researchers in the UK that she is not of that family so any help would be really appreciated as I only have a photo of her and no other information.
Regards, Sheryl Pledger (sheryl@wrightwool.co.nz, 21 April 2013)  

Wilmots of Brooklyn, NY, USA

My Father Frank and his brother Edward were both born in Brooklyn NY. Frank had 4 sons and 1 daughter. Ed had no children. Uncle Ed has passed away 2 years ago but Dad is still around making him the patriarch of my branch of the Wilmot tree. I have an Older brother Captain Ed Wilmot who is in the merchant marines has 2 children 1 boy and a girl. My brother Gary was in computers but unfortunately he has since passed this last Septenber 2012. My sister traded her name to Wattie but Donna is still a WIlmot at heart. My next Brother is Richard he is a engineering supervisor on merchant marine vessels he has 2 boys and a little girl. I am John Robert Wilmot A teacher of special ed in NYC. I have 1 boy and a girl.. The only thing I can tell you about the family is that my grandfather was a tin smith in Manhatten and we have traced the history back to sweden but there was a name change or something and the trail went cold. so much for my history lesson. (John Robert Wilmot, ahnkay@gmail.com, 17 April 2013)

John Richmond Wilmot, the last Earl of Rochester

My grandfather is now 90 years of age.  When he was 9, his mother Cecilia Johanna Brazelle married John Richmond Wilmot who was the last Earl of Rochester.  They lived at the family farm in Lorraine, Port Elizabeth and he was fondly known as "Doodie".  He died tragically in about 1973 when he bled to death after being gored by the prize bull "Kleintjie".  I recall his love of flowers and they used to grow and sell bunches of flowers.

John Richmond Wilmot and Cecilia were married in approx 1933.
Their gravestone (pictured above) is at the Forest Hill Cemetery, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
His brothers' names were Gordon, Tom and Frank.
He only every drank out of a small tot measure and smoked a pipe, and was really a good man.

Wendy Iverson (w.iverson@griffith.edu.au, 30 March 2013)

Wilmots of Wiltshire, UK

Is anyone researching the Wilmot family who originated in Wiltshire, UK that can help me gain some information please on the following family members: James Wilmot bn abt 1843 near Devizes, Wiltshire. This man married Maria Rattue, also from Wiltshire.

Herbert Ashley Wilmot, son of James. We have a fair amount of detail on this man who settled in Toronto around 1907 and had links with a Grace Swan (nee Cormack, nee Benning)

Jessie Cormack, daughter to Grace Swan. Jessie married William Ewart Bell in Toronto.

Any information gratefully received.
David Price on behalf of Michael Wilmot (dcandmjprice@gmail.com, 29 March 2013)

Bobby Wilmot of Botswana, Africa

I am an ex-South African film maker and writer, now based in Los Angeles. I am currently writing a book about Africa and the extraordinary people I knew during the course of making films in that amazing continent. One of them was the legendary crocodile hunter, Bobby Wilmot. I spent six extraordinary weeks with him in the Okavango in 1967, working on a film for the World Wildlife Fund. I am seeking as much information as I can about Bobby, his story, his life in the swamps, and anything and everything I can find with regard to the town of Maun during the early sixties. If anyone can help me with information and./or photographs I would be most anxious to hear from them. Thank you for putting your excellent resource on the web. It is an invaluable way to share so many worthwhile and wonderful chapters of a rapidly diminishing past.
I look forward to hearing from you.
All good wishes,
Lionel Friedberg (lionel9@sbcglobal.net, lionelfriedberg9@gmail.com 9 February 2013)

Wilmots near Grahamstown and Port Alfred, South Africa

Hello, My name is Catherine Wilmot (maiden). I was born to Ronnie Wilmot, one of many siblings. his eldest brother Richard Wilmot, Their Father also Richard Wilmot. We are all from Grahamstown and Port Alfred. I would love to know how these Wilmots landed up there, Any Wilmot out there have any info?
Thank you!
(pronounced "Wil Mot") (Catherine Cilliers, catz26@hotmail.com, 05 February 2013)

Joseph Wilmot, 1820 settler from South Africa

Hi my dad Gavin Bryant Wilmot is a descendent of Joseph Wilmot, an 1820 settler who came to South Africa as part of Sefton's party by ship. I have plenty of family in SA (Kenton-on-sea/ Salem etc) that I know and know of but would love more info on the members we don't know also apparently I am a descendant of John Wilmot Earl of Rochester. Does anyone have a family tree? Joseph was a glass blower in London and I know that Cronje Wilmot of South Africa (A cousin) was the official 'last' Earl of Rochester. Does anyone have any info that this is provable? (J Kate at kate.fowles@bigpond.com, 15 July 2012)

Wilmots of Jamestown, North Dakota

Hi my name is john wilmot . I'm looking for the wilmots  from  jamestown north dakota . my dads name was bill. he has a sister named mary. most of the family move back to california. he had a brother that lives in minnesota. (jpwilmot@yahoo.com, 9 July 2012)

Looking for Helen Wilmot

I am trying to locate Helen Wilmot, who gave birth to a daughter in the 1940's maybe 1945, whos' father was Alfred W. Frizzell III, she would have been living in Maryland at the time.  She may have later went on to marry a man named Hardesty.  The daughter would be my !/2 sister, we would have the same father.  The daughter may be living in the St. Petersburg Florida area.  Contact me at IRBBum1@aol.com if you have any information.  Thank you. (IRBBum1@aol.com, 14 May 2012)

Shandre wilmot

Hi I'm a Wilmot from south africa, my great grand parents came to the Cape on a slave ship via St. Helena, John Wilmot who married Naomi wellington
I would love to received any mail with regards to the Wilmot
Thanks (shanwilmot@gmail.com, 27 February 2012)

Daniel and John Wilmot

We are two brothers named John and Daniel Wilmot. We were both born in Kingston Hill, Northern Surrey, Daniel-1952, John-1951. At about 5 or 6 years old, our mother left the family, never to come back. Shortly after this our father died in a struggle with an intruder at our residence. To make a long story short, after our father's sudden demise we were placed in an orphanage, and a year or two later adopted by an american couple. Details of our family's (Wilmot) past were actually kept from us as we were growing up with our adoptive family. For many years we have wanted to research this situation, but have not gotten very far. We would appreciate it if anybody has come across any reference, or information that might reflect on our Wilmot search to drop us a line at wilmotd8@hotmail.com . Thank-You, Daniel and John Wilmot. (23 January 2012).

Frederick Thomas Wilmot

I am Frederick Thomas Wilmot of Newcastle upon Tyne England son of Fred Wilmot of Glasgow Scotland grandson of Fred Wilmot middleweight boxing champ of Great Britain 1905 (have pic) We came to US via Toronto in 1960, when I was 10 My dad had brothers Gerald, Tom, Jim, Bill and Jack (shot down in Battle of Britain) Two sisters, Mary of Newton-Ferrers Devon England and Ina of Edinburgh Scotland dad fought WWII, 6th Army under Montgomery then to Dunkirk and off to Burma as a paratrooper My family reside in North San Diego county in US (elroscol@aol.com, 13 December 2011)

Edward Jarleth Wilmot

I am a 72yr old man called Edward Jarleth Wilmot who came over to England to find work at the age of seventeen.  I met and married an English girl and we have four children.  I am one of a family of ten children who were brought up in Bandon Co. Cork.  My parents were Elizabeth & Robert Wilmot.   Two of my brothers came over to England, and one returned to Bandon when he and his wife retired.  The rest remained in Bandon and reared large families.  \when we go back to Bandon we often see young and middle aged people who have my distinctive very dark hair (now white) dark eyes and long eyelashes!  We know a lot of them are family members known to us, but some are the much younger generation coming up whom we cannot always name!  Our own four children have the same dark colouring ( my poor wife who is/was fair skinned and very English looking maintains that they all look like me but have her brains!)  I understand that my father served in the British Army.  People do say that the town is full of Wilmots, and it certainly feels like that when we go back for weddings etc.. (Eddie Wilmot, margaretwilmot52@tiscali.co.uk, 27 November 2011)

Looking for MR Norman Wilmot

hi iam Brian wilmot can you help me i am looking for some news on MR Norman Wilmot from killkenny Ireland and Blackpool his wife was called anne and baby girl was called bungie  if anyone can help me with this matter email me i have been looking for someyears now just trying to find some history about my life bcwilmot1@gmail.com (25 October 2011, updated 29 December 2011)

Looking for Danny Wilmot

I'm looking for a man born in the late to mid 1950s named Danny Wilmot. He had a sister Lydia but they were given up for adoption and separated in about 1961. The only other fact I know is that they were born in Chicago. (Jim Murphy, jamesmurphy2@verizon.net, 23 September 2011)

Ballinderry/Rathdrum Wilmots

Have only just found this site-how lovely it is! My Great Great Grandmother Priscilla Wilmot was born in Ballinderry, Co Wicklow Ireland about Oct 1824.She married Michael Byrne (b.c.1820 Rathdrum) c.1851 in Ballinderry/Rathdrum (there were 2 Byrne familys in Rathdrum at that time-according to Griffiths Valuations).Her father may have been an Isaac Wilmot-there were 2 Isaacs in Ballinderry at that time according to Griffiths Valuations.Priscilla was certainly a protestant (I have her will) and Michael Byrne a Catholic-a Master Butcher.They emigrated to Birkenhead in 1852-when my great grandfather John was 2 weeks old.I have an extensive tree of Priscilla's descendents.Happy to share with other Wilmots. (Jane Byrne, ejbgob@aol.com, 31 August 2011)

Richmond Wilmot, Cape Town South Africa

I am Richmond Wilmot living in Cape Town South Africa. Originally from the Eastern Cape where our ancestors arrived by ship in 1820. Apparently decended from The Earl of Rochester. Have two brothers, Brian and Ian and a sister Bridget.  Dad Walter and Mom Joan sadly passed on.Cousins all over SA, Botswana and Zimbabwe and looking at your website cousins the world over! Bloody marvellous and yes, I hate the n most seem to add to our beloved surname. Love to make contact. (ricsafs@lantic.net, 26 August 2011)

Captain Peter A. Wilmot

Hello! I am trying to locate Captain Peter A. Wilmot (born 1942) with whom I sailed as Chief Mate on the vessel Deep Salvage 1 out of Cape Town, South Africa, in 1991-1992 Charles Purin - Pewaukee, Wisconsin USA (liftlady7@aol.com, 21 July 2011)

Mary Wilmot and the wreck of the Grosvenor, 1782

I've been doing some in-depth research into my ancestry and have reason to believe that I am a descendant of Mary Wilmot, one of two seven-year-old girls who had been passengers on the English East Indiaman Ship called the Grosvenor, which sank off the east coast of Africa in 1782, as it was making its way back to England from India via the Cape of Good Hope.

I've established the sinking of the Grosvenor to be a well documented historical fact, as well as the fact that there were indeed survivors and that some of these survivors had indeed gone on to live with the local tribe in the area. Here's a list of some of my reference books:

1. A source book on the wreck of the Grosvenor East Indiaman by Percival Robson Kirby which I believe has a passenger list;
2. Caliban's Shore: The wreck of the Grosvenor and the strange fate of her survivors by Stephen Taylor; and
3. The Sunburn't Queen by Hazel Crampton (Non-fiction) which specifically delves into Mary Wilmot's fate, as well as the fact that she went on to marry a run-away slave from Bangladesh by the name of Damoyi, from whom I derive my last name.

It is said that on learning of the sinking of the Grosvenor, the British government of the time had ordered a recovery mission of the surviving passengers but that only 18 of the survivors were found and later repatriated to England. There is also a fictionalised account of Mary Wilmot's story in a children's book called, The Mission, written by a Captain Frederick Marryatt in 1845. In the story, Mary is referred to as Elisabeth and is said to be the daughter of a Sir Charles Wilmot.

I'm trying to find the missing pieces of this puzzles so that it can finally be put together - albeit 229 years later - and was wondering if either you or any of the other Wilmot's on your website have any information that could be of help to me.

My sister and I now live in Toronto, Canada, and would really love to hear back from anyone who can be of help.


I've found record of a baptism of a "Mary Wilmot, daughter of Matthew Wilmot, the painter (artist)" in Calcutta, India, April 1775; which leads me to believe that Mary Wilmot was born in Calcutta in 1775. This correlates with her being aged 7 at the time of the Grosvenor shipwreck in 1782. There are however, no further records (marriages, further baptisms or deaths records) for Matthew Wilmot in Calcutta beyond 1775; which seems to indicate that he probably left Calcutta at some point in time.

There is apparently a Royal Coat of Arms still in existence in St Peter Parish in Shaftesbury, Dorset, England, painted and signed by an M Wilmot dated 1780 - 2 years prior to the sinking of the Grosvenor. Which implies that Matthew Wilmot may have indeed left Calcutta for England prior to 1780 and that Mary Wilmot had stayed behind in Calcutta until 1782 when she too was to have made her way to England on the Grosvenor (probably to begin her schooling in England as was apparently the norm for 7 year old's at the time).

There is also record of another Royal Coat of Arms dated 1816, said to have been at Ashmore, Dorset, painted and signed by a "K Wilmot" who it is said may have been the son of Matthew Wilmot. I've found no further records (marriage or death) for Matthew Wilmot in any of the Parishes in Shaftesbury and am inclined to think that he may have moved on from there too ... where from and where to, I have no idea at the moment.

I'd really like to hear from any Wilmots who are descendants of Matthew Wilmot, who lived in the 1700's - he was a painter and possibly the father of a K Wilmot too (also a painter).

My email address is ms.damoyi@gmail.com.

Kindest regards, Bongi (Bongi Damoyi , 21 May 2011, updated 18 June 2011)

The Wilmots of Halstock, Dorset England
I would dearly love to find and even though I have names for through my grandfathers tree that he made back in 1964 is that of the Wilmot's, Sarah being a member. Sarah was born about 1814 and died 1867 according to my Grandfathers Tree, on it he has the names of other family members those being Lt T Wilmot born 1811 and died 1832 in India, Betsey who I have got down as Elizabeth but of course this could be wrong, but also the name given could be a use name, no date of birth given. Henry and Edward both without dates of birth and of course no place of birth.I have done a bit of checking on Ancestry but have not come up with anything new on the family.We could be looking in the wrong place as my cousin feels we are, due to Halstock as a place of birth Halstock being in Bradford Forum but I just do not know, when Sarah married Thomas Pope in 1840 her father was in attendance his name being Samuel Wilmot, (this is not given in the tree of my Grandfather but even with this I still have not found a link to any family. You would suppose Lt. T Wilmot may be the easiest to sort out but I have not found any records on him, although I could be using the wrong name, I substituted Thomas instead of T. can you think of any other methods of finding this info out. I have put messages on Curious Fox, Genes, and of course used Ancestry to try to connect but nothing. I think it would be easier to be on the ground so to speak. I also wish someone in the family extended or otherwise could have questioned family members on this while there was still time but of course this is now impossible any other angles could be helpful. (Michael Pope reseaching the Pope family of Toller Dorset, in New Zealand, ma.ahpope@xtra.co.nz, 16 April 2011)

Looking for James Wilmot
My name is Fernando Villaamil and I served in Vietnam in 1969-1970 with the 82nd Airborne Division with a James Wilmot who I recalled lived in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Even though we would like to forget the war friends like James or Jim as I knew him are never forgotten and I would hope to talk to him once again.  If you know of him I would appreciate it if you let him know that I am searching for him. 
Fernando A Villaamil
8761 SW 137 Ave
Miami, Florida 33183
fvillaamil@gmail.com (9 March 2011)

A C Wilmot
My name is Albert C. Wilmot
AKA  A. Charles Wilmot
Needham, Ma 02492

My father Albert Victor was born in the midlands UK Upper Openshire immigrated to US aboard the Carpentia in 1906. The family settled in New Bedford, Ma and was involved in the textile industry. My Mother's maiden name was Whittaker (Alice I.). Family also from the midlands and settled in Newport RI

My wife Barbara(Gilman) and I have three male offspring:
Jeffrey Whittaker Wilmot  Paoli, Pa
Andrew Charles Wilmot     North Andover, Ma
Douglas Fielding Wilmot    Taunton Ma
We have 6 grand children4 boys and 2 girls ranging in ages from 8-3 and one due this coming March

Interested in any and all connections
All the Best
A. Charles Wilmot(Chuck) (A C Wilmot, acwilmot@erols.com, 25 January 2011)

Wilmots in Ghana
Wilmots in Ghana My name is Dr. Eric Magnus Wilmot from Ghana. I am currently a lecturer at the University of Cape Coast. My father's name is Kingsley Mensah Wilmot from Cape Coast, Ghana. I know there are lots of Wilmots in Ghana from towns such as Cape Coast, Moree (in the central region) as well as Sekondi Takoradi and Axim in the western region. I will be glad to have contacts with other Wilmots around the world.(Dr. Eric Magnus Wilmot, pewilmot@yahoo.com, 3 July 2010)

Wilmots in Southern Ireland
Hi just found your site when browsing. My name is Padraig Wilmot and I live in Sixmilebridge, which is in County Clare, Southern Ireland. I have four sisters and two brothers and I also have two children Jessica and Keith. My father Joe was an only child and he was from County Limerick. As far as I know there are very few Wilmot's in Ireland and most of them are in County Limerick. Have only ever met one or two other people with the Wilmot surname and I am quite proud of my name and it would be nice to keep in contact with others. (Padraig Wilmot, wilmot_p@eircom.net, 6 May 2010)

Robert Charles Wilmot Jr
Hi, I am the son of Robert Charles Wilmot Jr. My name is Nicholas Joseph Wilmot and I have a brother named Daniel Robert Wilmot. My   mother's name is Amy Jean (Tomasello) Wilmot. My great grandfather was Wilfred Wilmot. My grandfather Robert Charles Wilmot Sr. married   Marjorie Edna Wilmot and had a son named Mark Richard Wilmot, a daughter named Tracy Lynn Wilmot, Kathy Ann Wilmot, and a daughter named Caroline June Wilmot. (Nicholas Wilmot, arcticcatnick@yahoo.com, 19 April 2010)

Hertfordshire Wilmot connection
Hi! Susan here in Ontario, Canada. We have a Wilmot connection, though it goes back a couple of generations. My husband, Paul Boon, is descended from the Wilmot line through his paternal grandmother, Alice Wilmot. Alice was born in Lemsford, Herts. in 1897, and I can go back three more generations in Hertfordshire. Unfortunately, Alice died the day after my father-in-law was born, though not from childbirth. She died in the influenza epidemic, so he never got to know her.  If anyone else has connections to the Hertfordshire Wilmots, I would be thrilled to hear from them. my email is boons@sympatico.ca (Susan Boon, 18 April 2010)

Spokane, WA, USA Wilmots
Hello my name is Taylor Yukai Wilmot from Spokane WA.  My father is Jon Wilmot born in Ventura, CA.  My Grandpa is Jerry Eugene Wilmot and was born in Macomb ILL.  My great grandfather is Jerry Wilmot and he owned a trucking company called Wilmot Transfer as well as a cab company in Macomb.  My great grandmother was Leone Wilmot.  There is another John Wilmot who lives in Spokane as well.  Have a great day and live long the Wilmots (Taylor Wilmot, play@flow-adventures.com, 14 April 2010)

Wilmots in Yorkshire, U.K.
My great grandmother was called Lily Wilmot, born in 1880. She married Oliver Albert Bubb  and they had two children, a daughter (?name), who died young, and a son, Sydney James Bubb, my grandfather. Lily lived in Normanton, West Yorkshire. My grandmother tells me that Lily was a miliner and that she thinks her family originally came from the Nottingham area. Lily had two brothers, Fred and Graeme (?spelling, could be Graham). Fred lived on the Castleford Road, but I do not know anything more about him. Graeme apparently left Yorkshire for America to become a cowboy, possibly around the turn of the century. Graeme was supposed to be leaving England on the Titanic ship, but for some reason he changed ships at the last minute. All my Grandmother knows is that she thinks he had a ranch, but I've no idea where in the USA. I'd love to find out what happened to him. Does anybody out there know? (Samantha Bubb, sambubb@hotmail.com, 31 January 2010)

Patrick Lowry Wilmot
I found this site while searching for Wilmot inf. I have an ancestor John Patrick who was married to a ---- Wilmot around the Rev. period.  Am searching for that connection. I am helping a friend with her history and found, to our surprise,  she has a grandmother (deceased) Myrtle Mae Wilmot Lowry. I am amazed at all the Wilmot inf. out in computer land. If any one can help me with Patrick, Lowry. Wilmot inf. I would appreciate very much. Our two Wilmot's seem to be Va. and W. Va. Residents. Myrtle Mae may have been from Indian reservation. (Dorothy Burditt, dburditt@socket.net, 2 December 2009)

Naugatuck, Connecticut, US
I come from an old CT family named Wilmot, located mainly in Naugatuck, CT.  My great-grandfather was named Noyes Salvador Wilmot.  He fought in the Civil War, with the 34th Volunteers, I believe.  He also worked as a superintendent in the Eastern Malleable Iron Co., then retired to manage farms - his real dream. I would love to know how a name such as "Salvador" got deposited in an otherwise anglo-saxon name!    (Penelope Wilmot Whiteside, whiteside_wiebe@mac.com, 22 November 2009)

South Yorkshire, England
Graham Wilmot, born 1951 in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, My father was Earnest Alfred Wilmot of the same town, If you should have any details regarding my particular branch of the family, I would appreciate you passing them on. (gwilmo@btinternet.com, 21 October 2009)

Northern Ireland Wilmots
My husband is a Wilmot and his Family in 1881 was based in Bushmills (Dunluce Presbyterian Church), Co. Antrim in Northern Ireland.  Robert Wilmot married Mary Cochrane (Loughan, Coleraine) and I would be interested in speaking with anyone who is connected.  Robert's father was William and i think that his father in turn was William. (WilmotChristine@aol.com, 10 September 2009)

South African Wilmots
John Wilmot has provided extensive information on the Wilmots of South Africa. There's enough information that I made it its own page. (14 October 2008)

Seeking Steven Wilmot, Canadian emigrant
I have in my possession my family tree which my Aunt Betty Wilmot, living in Kent, managed to put together from way back...however I am interested in locating one particular cousin of mine who left England approximately 35 years ago to emigrate to Canada...his name is Steven Wilmot, his brother Barry lives in Kent, England married to Karen. My Aunt Betty has one daughter named Wendy...I was wondering if there were any other cousins in England related to me apart from Steven in Canada who I have no address for... His parents were Len and Hilda Wilmot.....

My father's name was Leonard Charles Samuel Wilmot and his father was Charles Wilmot..   my     former name is Janet Wilmot, I have a brother Michael Wilmot .  We both live in Israel although we were both born and raised in England  and between us we have 9 children, 5 of them being boys and therefore Wilmots...Those 5 boys have between them another 4 boys making them also Wilmots...so you see the Wilmots are all over the world....  this whole thing is quite fascinating maybe someone out there is trying to contact me too...... (janetarbiv@gmail.com, 10 August 2008)

Wilmots in Malmesbury and Bristol, England
Very interested to see your website and read the messages from other Wilmot descendents...
My grandmother Gladys Wilmot was the 7th of 10 children born to Alfred Wilmot and his wife Ada Rosina (nee Pearce). All 10 children were born in Bristol but Alfred was born 1858 in Malmesbury, Wiltshire - the son of James Wilmot born 1826 in Malmesbury. Alfred and Rosina's oldest child, Alfred T C Wilmot, emigrated to America in 1910 and settled in Worcester, Masachusetts. I would love to hear from any other descendents of James Wilmot. Happy Wilmot-ing! Roz Donnelly (rozdonnelly@hotmail.com, 22 February 2007)

Marie Wilmot from Belgium says "Bonjour"! (marie.wilmot@hotmail.com, 20 February 2007)

Irish Wilmots
We have been tracing my wife's family history and have got back to the early 19th century. One strand is the Wilmots from Co Wicklow. I have a christening certificate of Marianne, later Mary Anne Wilmot who was christened in Ballinderry, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow in 1831. her parents are George and Susan Wilmot whose occupations are listed as farmers. any further information would be welcome (Robert Redpath, robert@redpath28.freeserve.co.uk, 16 February 2007)

Looking for information on John Wilmot, Canada
I am looking for John Wilmot, born in Canada, and his wife, Harriet Woods, also born in Canada. They had a daughter, Anna (Annie) Augusta Wilmot (born Canada, Aug 14, 1848 - died New York City, June 27, 1887). On April 23, 1868 (place unknown) she married Daniel Toffey Worden (b. Apr 27, 1847-d. July 9, 1914). I would like to know the places of birth of John, Harriet and Anna and the dates of birth and death of John and Harriet. Thanks for your help. Robert Worden (njworden@aol.com), February 14, 2007.

Looking for New York Wilmots
Hello, Wilmots--My great, great grandmother was Harriett Wilmot born in NY in 1818 and died in Brooklyn, NY in March 1886. Harriett married Henry Moore, son of William.  She had a sister named Emeline (1815-1869) and we're not sure if she had another sister named Gertrude.  Harriett's father (or uncle) was John Wilmot who was born in NY about 1780.  He was a veteran of the War of 1812 and died in March of 1861 in NYC.  Does anyone have any definitive info on John Wilmot, his origins, or know who his wife was?  Thank you, Wilmots!!! (Thomas Moore, 26 January 2007)

Want to contact Michael Wilmot
My name is Jacob Robinson.  I served in the U.S. Army with a good friend Michael Wilmot.  We have since lost contact, we were stationed together in Ansbach, Germany as members of 2-1 Aviation from 1992-1994.  We also ended up together in Taszar Hungary around 1996. He is married to a wonderful Korean lady named Sukhi.  They had two children Catherine and Scott.  Catherine is probably about 16-18 now and Scott is a couple years younger.  I know Michael was from Minnesota originally, but had moved to Washington State after getting out of the Army...We actually met up there once around 1998 or so.  If anyone could get me an email address to him I would be very happy! (Jacob Robinson, seanator@netzero.com, 16 January 2007)

Looking for Lesley Wilmot
Hi my name's chantal cooper. I used to have a penfriend about 20 years ago. Her name was Lesley wilmot. She lived in South Africa and married in 1991 or there abouts  I lived in Suriname when we first started writing After that I moved to the Netherlands and we lost contact. Does anyone know her? Regards, Chantal Cooper (chantalcooper@gmail.com, 1 January 2007)

Looking for Lear/Wilmot connection
My interest is mostly in the LEAR name; noticed reference to cousin Terry LEAR

Oct 27, 1712 St Mary's church Bitton, Gloucestershire
William LEAR marries Sarah WILMOT. This William LEAR was likely just the second generation in this area.
Where did he come from ??? maybe Devon or Dorset?? London?? Nothing noted in area prior to 1696

Interested in adding any data you may have found. Regards, Jim (mother a LEAR) (jimgoodman@telus.net, 13 December 2006)

John Wilmot, Cape Breton fiddler from Nova Scotia Canada

The following is an obituary for Johnny Wilmot, a Cape Breton Fiddler who died in 1993.

:Holy Cross Cemetery, North Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
Wilmot: John W. July 1, 1916 - Oct. 3, 1993
Dolena P.   vacant
Wilmot, Florence M. Beloved wife of John W.
July 1, 1916 - Oct 3, 1974

The following was written by and is taken from a newsletter published in 1993 in the Silver Apple News, Cranford Publications, by Paul S. Cranford: - JOHNNY WILMOT died in April of this year (1993). During our long friendship he introduced me to dozens of musical people around the Cape Breton countryside. I will never forget his generosity and inspiration. They say his fiddling used to drive the dancers crazy. He certainly turned my life around. I remember the first night I met him and his uncle Joe Confiant, at Teddy Snow's place. When I returned home around midnight, I was so wound up that I stayed up learning tunes till dawn. A native Cape Bretoner, Johnny was born in 1916. His father was from Mabou and Johnny spent the first three years of his life there. Afterwards he was brought up with his mother's people, his grandparents, the family of his uncle Joe Confiant, in Centerville, between North Sydney and Sydney Mines. Both Johnny and Joe learned some of their music by listening to their uncle, Henry Fortune. The Fortunes were from Bras d'Or, Cape Breton County. They were accomplished Irish fiddlers who in Johnny's words played with "long-slurred-bowing" complete with lots of fingered embellishments. Differing from the Fortunes, Joe added a variety of new types of embellishments to his music, some of which he likely gleaned from the Cape Breton Scottish traditions and others from the recordings of Sligo fiddlers. His bowing included effortless bowed cuts (trebles) regardless of direction, momentum or positioning. His music was lively and yet the tempo wasn't fast. His timing was rock solid for dancers even when improvising. Although Johnny played Cape Breton Scottish style tunes with the best of them, most remember him for his Irish music. During the fifties, Johnny Wilmot and his Irish Serenaders played a regular live radio broadcast from CJCB Sydney ... Irish music with a Cape Breton swing. His 78 records, made in the same studio, with Tommy Basker and Margaret MacPhee, all featured Irish tunes, played with his characteristic drive and intensity. During this period he made three trips to Boston where he played with, and for, some of the legendary figures of Irish music, including Paddy Cronin and Joe Derrane. Paddy was heard to say that Johnny was the liveliest Irish jig player he had ever encountered. Musically, Johnny was fluently bilingual. He was one of the few musicians I ever met who had thoroughly digested both Cape Breton Irish and Cape Breton Scottish styles. While his own compositions often straddled this Irish-Scottish fence, his settings of traditional tunes kept the two separate, always displaying personal style without sacrificing the beauty and integrity of the 'original' melodies. Johnny was exposed to live Irish and Scottish styles of music from the time he was an infant. Starting in the late 'twenties he began listening to the Irish 78s of Coleman, Morrison etc. and and later to the Cape Breton 78s of the Inverness Serenaders. He played most of the 'mainstream repertoire' including the majority of tunes recorded and played by other Cape Breton fiddlers between 1930-65. Many of these tunes were found in easily available books such as Cole's One Thousand Fiddle Tunes, J. Scott Skinner's, The Scottish Violinist, The Scotch Guard and The Skye, O'Neill's and Kerr's Collections. Many of the 'traditional' tunes in his repertoire were Scottish, Irish and Cape Breton composed, some were 'Northside Irish' tunes from his uncles Joe Confiant and Henry Fortune, and some were Inverness County tunes. He also played a variety of other tune types — French and 'Oldtime' American tunes, barndances and waltzes — most of which he interpreted in an Irish style. He learned these tunes from any available source — some from recordings, some from his uncle Joe, and others from players he associated with while living in Toronto (1959-75). Throughout his life Johnny always shared his musical experience with younger musicians. His repertoire has been passed directly (to friends) and indirectly (through recordings) to dozens of receptive musicians including myself and many others ... Bobby and Brenda Stubbert, Doug MacPhee,Tommy Basker, Paul Wukitsch, Eddie Poirier, Otis Tomas, Kim Vincent, Jerry Holland, Arthur Muise, Larry Parks and Joe Peter MacLean.

The following info is from back cover of a a recording that John Wilmot made in 1957. Johnny Wilmot - Another Side of Cape Bretona (Breton Books and Music) Wilmot comes from an Irish community in Cape Breton, and his music is an unusual mix of Irish and Scottish tunes and fiddling with Cape Breton piano. John Wilmot, --Celtic CX 43, circa 1957 John Wilmot, violin; Bill Legere, bass fiddle; Tom Basker, harmonica; Bill MacDonald, guitar; Margaret McPhee, piano Tracks: Cape Breton Favourite Jigs; Jig Medley - Orange & Blue; Hughie Shorty's Favourite Jig / Walker Street Reel; The Frost if Over Jig / Lark In The Morning; Inverness Jig**; Irish Hornpipe Medley / Humors of Donny Brook / The Orange Rogue**; Chris Langan Tin Whislte / Long Dance Rose Tree / Seige of Innis / Jackson Morning Bush Jig; King of the Fairies; Irish Reels / Fallen Jacket Reel / ?The Woman of the House Reel; Irish Jig / The Maid of Tramore Johnny was a well known and respected violin player and recording artist

(If would like to share genealogical information about Johnny Wilmot, please contact Janet Murray, melanied@ns.sympatico.ca, 15 November 2006)

Steve Wilmot, Hartlepool England
Hi, just adding my name to the list. I am Steve Wilmot (not the Steve already on your site) there are six Wilmots in our house. We live in north east england in a place called Hartlepool. (the.wilmots@ntlworld.com, 29 October 2006)

Martin Wilmot
Hello there. My name is Martin Wilmot, and I am a respected, and experienced Technology teacher at a comprehensive in South Wales. Where do I come from? Who do I belong to? Who am I? Have I got relations in Jamaica? (weedybob@supanet.com, 21 September 2006)

Marlene Wilmot, South Africa
Hi. I am Marlene Wilmot from Durban South Africa, my father was Derek John Wilmot and my grandfather is Kenneth Badrian Wilmot, now in Perth, Australia. If anyone has any other info on any other Wilmot's on my family tree, I would really love to know. Thanx! (marlenewilmot@hotmail.com, 15 September 2006)

Ben Wilmot
Ben M. Wilmot's father came from Stanford, Kentucky (whorse47@hotmail.com, 11 August 2006)

Looking for info on Annie Wilmot
Hi! I am currently looking for information regarding my great-grandmother's family the Wilmots. My g-grandmother was Annie Wilmot who married James Robertson I think in Scotland. I know these Wilmots are associated with William the Concquer and are listed in the Doomsday Book. The family used to be the De Wilmots. Got anything? Many thanks! Lisa Hurshman rahemotep@hotmail.com (11 August 2006)

Henry William Wilmot, 1800's
I'm delighted to have found this website by sheer accident.  I think I am the last of my particular line of Wilmots in Australia (Frank Wilmot's son Kenneth moved to Capetown, South Africa with his wife Lucy and children - can't remember if they had a son) as I have no siblings and no children.  My GGrandfather Henry  married Jane Lidbury (2nd wife) in 1848 in Downhead, Somerset, UK.  My Grandfather Henry William Wilmot was born in Richmond, Victoria, Australia in 1855 m.Elizabeth Mary Hind and had 4 boys and a girl.  Albert, Frank (Furnley Maurice, Poet Laureate) Arthur and Royce, sometimes Roy, (have forgotten Aunt's name) but I can't find anymore as to when Henry and Jane immigrated, the ship's name, when they arrived in Australia and where and when they died.  Can anyone help??  Many many thanks, Brenda Wilmot. (30 June 2006)

The connection between Wilmots and Codys
My name is Angel Riojas and my great father was Sam Wilmot.  He was originally supposed to be Sam Cody but was adopted by the Wilmot family while his identical twin stayed with their mother as Benito Lucio.  I have many names, ss #'s. dod's and bod's for bothe Cody's and Wilmots, yet I still have not found the connection between the two families besides the adoption.  I am trying to find out as much as I can about the Wilmots like I am the Codys and so far it seems all have is both come from England, are Spanish-Irish and have royal lineage.  There is one Lucio who changed his name to Cody and who's son resides on San Antonio, TX.  I have tried contacting him but he refuses to speak to me or anyone in my family.  We are only trying to find the connection between the two families and answers as to why only my grandfather, not his brother, was given up for adoption and why its such a secret.  If anyone has any info that might help I would really appreciate it.  You can email me at bailana7@yahoo.com. (16 June 2006)

Canadian Wilmot
Philip Wilmot, philipwilmot@eastlink.ca, is a resident of Canada. (14 June 2006)

Schenectady, New York Wilmots and rocking chairs
What a great site! And here I thought I was almost alone! My name is Howard Earl Wilmot from Charleston South Carolina. I am originally from Schenectady New York. My father Howard Stanley Wilmot, his brother Earl H. Wilmot and a sister Ellie hail from Troy New York. My father, my uncle and myself are all General Electric veterans. My family relocated To Summerville South Carolina in 1970 with my father's transfer to the Ladson GE plant. My beautiful wife Janice (Deedee) and I have just enjoyed our silver anniversary. I am a Contractor/ cabinetmaker and also build high end custom furniture.I am currently putting together a web site dedicated to the rocking chairs I build called: www.Qualityrockers.com have a look! I can also be reached at Howdee500@bellsouth.net hope to hear from you Wilmot's! Sincerely, Howie (11 June 2006)

Maria Wilmot
Hello my paternal grandmother is Maria Wilmot and she married Chrispin Moreno, however my Father is Richard Wilmot Moreno. kathy Moreno, Secretary, News and Publication, Sul Ross State University, Alpine, TX (kmoreno@sulross.edu, 7 June 2006)

... TIME GAP ...
Sadly, I lost the contents of my hard drive along with many Wilmot emails from September 2004 to June 2006. I know, I know, I should have posted the letters as they came in. Well, hope that I might recover the contents of my lost drive, but at this point the chances are pretty slim. If you sent me Wilmot-related genealogical email in that timeframe and nothing appears on these pages, please send the information again and I will endeavor to post your information here. Sincerely, The Management
... TIME GAP ...

Need info on Grace Wilmot of Roswell, NM
Can you tell me Grace's maiden name, her family, where she was born etc? I am at a dead end researching my maternal grandmother's background.  She was Helen Cordelia Burt, Johnson, Wallen (or so we think).  My mother was her first child born 1905 in Wood County, TX. 
In 1933 she lived with James W. Wallen, and two young sons in Dora, Roosevelt, NM.  She took her two sons and left Wallen for a month.  Her one living son, Calvin L. Wallen, Indian Wells, CA, remembers they stayed the month with a nice couple in Roswell, who lived in a nice three bedroom house in a good section of town . . . and they ran a hardware store.
Unfortunately that was 70 years ago and he doesn't remember their names and has no knowledge of his mother's background.  Apparently she was estranged from her family and was secretive. According to 1930 Chaves county census Grace Wilmot was the right age to be Helen's older sister, they ran a hardware store and Helen named her last child "Grace". (Emory Reese, ereese@charter.net, 5 September 2004)

Herbert Paul Wilmot Jr
It's nice to see a page dedicated to the Wilmots'.  I was born Herbert Paul Wilmot Jr.. Then I was adopted and my name changed to Herbert Paul Schleicher and then when I was in my mid-20's I changed it to Paul William Jones  (I was doing acting and stand-up at the time).  I have two brothers, Harold and Chuck and two sisters Kelly and Marcia.  I was older when I was adopted so I have some contact with them.    My biological father lives in California, while the rest live in New Hampshire in the Manchester, Nashua area, along with various aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.  I currently reside in Colorado. I have in my possession a link (gotta find it) of a genealogy report dating back to the mid to late 1600's that traces the Wilmot name not only from England but their connection with starting New Haven, Conn.
I would like to share this info with other if they so desire.  I can be emailed at paulshannonjones@netscape.com (Paul Jones 24 August 2004) 

Virginia Wilmot
Hi, I am descended from a Mabel Annie Wilmot from Colac (maybe Geelong) in Victoria, Australia.  I have little knowledge as I am unable to trace her through my local Births Deaths & Marriages.  I have a marriage certificate of her wedding to my grandfather Godfrey Harold Strong in  Colac on the 1st June 1904.  Her father was George and her mother was Annie Dalwood.  I believe George owned a cordial factory in Colac and was quite famous for his Ginger beer receipe!  Would appreciate you putting this on your site to see if I can come up with any further leads. Thanks for your time. Love your site. Ginny (18 July 2004)

Wilmot & Richmond
I am looking for info about a Civil War-era Savannah, Georgia jewelry
business called Richmond & Wilmot. Wilmot spent his summers in Bridgeport,
CT and stayed there during the war. Richmond ran the business in Savannah
and was a clerk in the Confederate commissary dept. Richmond died previous
to 1870 and his kin Sarah--dau or wife--sued in federal court to recover
the proceeds of cotton seized at Savannah for her and Wilmot. That's all I
know. I need first names and Sarah's relationship. Thanks!

Greg W. (16 June 2004)

New Zealand, Elizabeth Wilmot
While my surname isn't Wilmot, I do have a Wilmot connection in my family tree.
My 6th Great Grand mother on my maternal side was an Elizabeth Wilmot b. abt 1721 Eyethorne, Kent, England. She married a John Finnis in 1779 Eyethorne, Kent, England. My research leads me to believe Elizabeths parents were Samuel Wilmott b. abt 1695 Ewell, Kent and Mary Terry b. abt 1799 Northbourne, Kent, England. This latter information has yet to be confirmed. Elizabeth had 6 children with one retaining the Wilmot name in Wilmot Finnis b. 1756 Deal, Kent, England. He married a Susanna Brice. They in turn had 14 children and once again the Wilmot name was retained by Wilmot Finnis b 1782 Deal, Kent, England. If any one has any information on my connection I'd enjoy contact.
Kind Regards,
John Hutchins, jhutchins@wise.net.nz, New Zealand (3 May 2004)

Looking for William Wilmot-Jennett Richmond data
If anyone has any information out there for William Wilmot and Jennett Richmond Please Help... Their daughter  Hellen Kasson Wilmot was born in NY. Abt 1825  She married James Finley Ingram and named her four sons for her brothers.  James R. Justus, George and Russell.  (Russell may have been James's second name). gailshutch@aol.com.   I have been search 15 years for this connection..  Thanks Gail S. Hutchinson. (18 November 2003)

Wilmot or Willmut
Great site!  Just wondering if Ben in Indiana is the son of my cousin Ben from KY?  Mother was from Stanford, KY.  One of nine children.  Her father raised tobacco.  And she had a Thoroughbred horse named "Nancy".  She married in 1922 to Donald F. Clark.  She had three children, Betty, Millie(me) and Kenneth.  Now my name is Pacunski.  My "cousin" has two sons, James O. and John D.  Other family info is interesting if not too complete.  Does the name "Capt. Thomas Austin Wilmot", (possibly from Battle Creek County and of Woolford's Cavalry) ring any bells?  Or Erasmus Wilmot(Willmut)?  Or Matilda Katherine Wilmot?  Or "Wood" Wilmot?  Those names appear in the old records without other info.  Email me at pacunskijt@charter.net. (16 November 2003)

Jack Wilmot
My dad is jack wilmot jr. he resides in apollo, pa and is a police chief. my grandfather who recently passed was jack wilmot Sr. who lived in north apollo. my brother (justin) and myself just recently moved to st. louis. thats about it but I found your site to be very informative. my question is though where exactly did the name wilmot come from and do we know who the first wilmot ever was! thanks so much.
Scott A. Wilmot (wilmot316@hotmail.com, 31 October 2003)

Alexander Wilmot
My name is Alex Paul and my great grandfather was Alexander Wilmot. He was born in Edinburgh in 1836 the son of Alexander Wilmot and Caroline Kennedy. She was born in Dublin in 1815 and is said to have been previously married to a James Currie, who died and left her a widow.
There is no trace in the Scottish archives of Alexander Wilmot's birth, nor of that of his sister Caroline Louisa who was born about 1838; but strangely enough in that year there is a record in the Catholic archives of  the baptism of a Caroline Louisa daughter of Caroline Kennedy and John Muir. Whether these two people are identical who knows? but there has always been some mystery about Alexander Wilmot's true origins which has never been solved and about which he was uncommunicative.
The first appearance of the Wilmots in official records is the 1851 census when Caroline Wilmot, described as a widow and annuitant was living with her son Alexander (14) and daughter Caroline (12) at 4, Houston St Glasgow. Alexander is described as being an apprentice to a lawyer ---possibly William Shand----- while Caroline was a "scholar at home". Also in the household were Marianne Kennedy, aunt and governess, Rachel Cowan, also from Ireland and described as a gentlewoman and  boarder and Robert Stewart, lodger and draper from Roxburgh.
From 1852 to 1853 Alexander Wilmot attended classes at Glasgow University in the Arts faculty under Professor Robert Buchanan. There is no matriculation record for him, which indicates that he did not graduate. At that time one had to pay in order to graduate. Due to the expense many students did not matriculate, but after a period of study obtained a certificate from their professor. There is evidence that Alexander obtained this type of certificate.
In 1853 Caroline Wilmot and her two children emigrated to South Africa.The reasons for this move are not clear. Family tradition has it that, being Catholics Caroline and her children were an embarrassment to her late husband's well connected family who apparently were not Catholic. There may also have been questions of inheritance involved. As the story goes, the three Wilmots were given a "substantial sum of money" and told to "get lost". I have never found any evidence to support this story, but it does seem that in view of his absences from work and travels in later life Alexander may have had some sort of private income, and one must suppose that his mother's annuity, the source of which is unknown, continued as long as she was alive.
On arrival in Cape Town Alexander found employment in the offices of  John and Henry Reid, lawyers of  presumably Scottish origin and to whom he may well have been given an introduction by the Glasgow lawyer with whom he had served an apprenticeship. In  July 1854 Alexander applied for a job in the Civil Government of Cape Colony and later took the necessary exam and passed out top. In his letter of application he mentions a certificate of character and respectability given by "a professional gentleman to whom I was apprenticed" and also a similar certificate from John and Henry Reid.Unfortunately these certificates, which might have thrown additional light on Alexander Wilmot's background, have not survived.
After passing the Civil Service exam Alexander went to work in the Post Office and in 1859 was appointed Postmaster at Port Elizabeth where he was also made Justice of the Peace at the early age of 26. He remained in that position until his retirement in 1886.
In 1860 Alexander married Alice Mary Slater the daughter of Edward Slater, one of the 1820 settlers who had come over on the "Aurora" as a boy of 4 with his parents Thomas and  Maria. Ten of the eleven Slater children came to South Africa, though not all of them at the same time as their parents. The Slaters appear to have come from London. Thomas's father was King's Messenger Matthew Slater and his mother Elizabeth Twelves (or Douze) . There were 13 children of their marriage.
In 1862 Alexander took a year's leave of absence and returned to Scotland where he lived at 1 Eldon Place, Glasgow. It was there that his first child Albaeus, named after an early Irish saint, was born. During this time Alexander studied law at Edinburgh University and was awarded the distinction of being nominated as a "Prizeman".
The Wilmots went on to have no fewer than 16 children of which 14 survived infancy. Most were born in South Africa, but one, George, was born in Dublin.
Alexander Wilmot's career in South Africa is well documented in the Dictionary of South African Biography. There is also reference to his various literary works in the British Library Catalogue. Other documents can be found in the Cape Town archives and there is material in the Vatican relating to his appointments as Papal Chamberlain, Knight of St Gregory and Papal Count.
After his retirement from the Post Office Alexander became a member of the South African parliament and a supporter of Cecil Rhodes. He died in Cape Town in April 1923 having been predeceased by his wife a year earlier.
Alexander's mother Caroline died in Grahamstown in 1878. Her only property was a half share with her son of a cottage in Uitenhage.
His sister Caroline Louisa  married Charles Wemyss Pearson a customs official at Port Elizabeth.They had 8 children: 7 daughters and one son, several of whom predeceased their parents. The date of  Caroline Louisa's death is not known, but her husband died after her in 1929 at the age of 88.
Regarding Alexander's origins, these remain obscure. It is not certain that his surname was originally Wilmot, which is not a typically Scottish name. My great aunts liked to think that he might have been related to the Dukes of Argyll, but the chronology is all wrong. One thing that is certain is that he could not be related to the Earl of Rochester since when John Wilmot
the courtier, poet and libertine died, he was the last of his line. The Earldom was subsequently revived twice, I think, but each time for a different family.
Finally, if there are any Wilmots or Pearsons out there who wuold like more information from me about Alexander Wilmot or could provide me with information, my e-mail adress is alex25lifford@btopenworld.com
 Alexander Wilmot (8 October 2003)

Richard Wilmot
My great-great grandfather was Richard Wilmot. He was born in Roxbury Township, Morris County, New Jersey on June 11, 1791 and died in Allegheny Township, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. on January 26, 1866.  He was buried on the Owen's family farm.  His second wife was Margaret Andres or Whittlinger.  I believe his father was named Amos Wilmot.  I would like to hear from anyone who believes they are related.  My e-mail is mstirm@MSN.com (5 October 2003)

Wilmot name in Evergreen Colorado

We are the owners of the oldest home in Evergreen, Colorado.  The home was originally built by Dwight Porter
Wilmot about 1885.   It is our understanding that we are only the third owners;  DP Wilmot, his daughter-in-law
Margaret Williams Gargan, and then us.  We have lived in the home since 1975 and have been renovating and
restoring it continuously.  We take great pride in its appearance and in its antiquity.  The home was a typical Illinois,
white Victorian with green trim.  We have changed the colors to foam with Russian blue gables and trim and added
a two car garage and wrap around porch with 130 spindles and overhead corner brackets.   Throughout the renovation
we have maintained the original architectural style
We found an oval framed picture of “DP” in the attic.  We kept a copy and donated the original picture and frame
to the local historical society.   DP Wilmot was one of the early settlers in this area and he is actually
credited with naming the town of Evergreen.   He owned a large estate and donated land for the Wilmot Elementary
School which is located just across the street from the home. 
A few years ago, Wilmot Elementary was contacted by a Wilmot Elementary School
in Deerfield, Illinois.  It is common knowledge that our home is the old Wilmot estate, so we were
asked by the Principal  if we knew of any connection.  We provided both Wilmot Elementary Schools with
the genealogy of the family which we were able to turn up.  This connection to Illinois is supported by the style of
the home.  It was learned that Wilmot Elementary in Deerfield was built on land donated by DP’s mother. 
The name Wilmot is held in high regard in this area, although there are no known descendants living here. 
It would be a pleasure to correspond with any Wilmots who might have an
interest in this corner of the Wilmot world.
Woody and Ruth Hardman
Evergreen, Colorado (eha@myqci.com, 8 September 2003)

Looking for greatgrandfather
  Love this site am going to send it to my family in england.
  About 20 years ago when living in Ft Lauderdale Florida,I met a Jamaican lady,
she knocked on my door Because of the Wilmot name,She told me that there was a large number of Wilmots in Jamaica,her husband was one.She then told me that his great grandfather was a white Englishman.
I have been trying to trace my family tree and have found that my great grandfather left my great grandmother and her children and went of to seek his fortune.
Could this be the same man.? My grandfather was born in 1886,I do not know just when his father left.
If anyone has any knowledge of John Wilmot ,or how I can get Immigration or Census info for 188?.Please e-mail me.
My name is David Wilmot, e-mail bitzmo5@aol.com
    Many thanks I will be back soon. (22 August 2003)

just found the web site and i am amazed. i knew a little of the history of the name astounded by the fact that geographically we are all over the world. let us unite and conquer.

Steve WILMOT (steve@wilmot9340.freeserve.co.uk, 27 June 2003)

Wilmots of Chaddesden

My name is Arthur William Frederick Sacheverel PULFORD, and I am descended from the Wilmots of Chaddesden. My mother, Ada Snowdrop Wilmot, (born in 1907), was the daughter and eldest child of Sir Ralph Henry Sacheverel Wilmot, 6th Baronet.
The name of Wylimot, or Wilmot is very ancient in England. Wilmot was a nobleman of Sussex in the time of King Ethelred. The family settled in Nottinghamshire, before it moved into the county of Derbyshire in 1529, where it flourished.
The line of The Wilmots of Chaddesden can be found in both Burkes Peerage and Debretts, copies of which should be available in reference libraries throughout the Western World.
Arthur Pulford ( sacheverelx@talktalk.net -- remove the spam-spoiler 'x' before emailing, 15 June 2003; updated 24 August 2008)

I am writing a further email after scanning through all the other messages on this site. Very interesting, particularly those references to the Sitwells and the Eardly-Wilmots.
I discovered the small town of Wilmot in Tasmania, and also established that the one time Governor of Tasmania, Sir John Eardly-Wilmot was descended from the Wilmots of Chaddesden.
I visited New Zealand in 2003 and discovered Mount Wilmot, The Wilmot Pass and Lake Wilmot.  Although I did not actually visit the Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound, I found the following reference in the Queenstown Public Library:-
Mount Wilmot: Wilmot Pass:   Fiordland National Park, between Lake Manapouri and Deep Cove. Named after the surveyor-general, E.H. Wilmot, who undertook a considerable amount of survey work in this area. he discovered a route from Lake Manapouri to Doubtful Sound/Patea. Lake Wilmot is also named after him. 
Is E.H. Wilmot connected with the Wilmots of Chadesden?
(Unfortunately I forgot to make a note of the dates).
There are links between the Wilmots and  the Sitwells.
I would be interested to hear from descendents of the Wilmots of Chaddesden, particularly those of you who have the name 'Sacheverel'. My email address is   sacheverelx@talktalk.net  (remove the spam-spoiler 'x' before emailing)
Arthur Pulford (15 June 2003; Updated 13 September 2006, 24 August 2008)

love the site.. as I am one with you all.
I am originally from Jamaica now living in England.  I am also an inventor holding a (British patent), please see web site www.networks-products.com for more details. Also I would like to tell you there is a Wilmot Town in Jamaica. and cemetery containing generations of the Wilmot family. Please include them in this web site.
Thanking you, Martin Wilmot (martin.wilmot@virgin.net,12 June 2003)

I am looking for more information on William B. Wilmot from Illinois that recently died here in CA in Dec 2002.  Do you happen to know who this is?  I want to know how many children they had because I am looking for a family of Wilmot's that had six children..four girls and two boys.  Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon..
Rosemary (rharkle@surewest.net,11 June 2003)

Hey! I'm Monica Wilmot of Marina, California. I came across your website while looking up information online. I am daughter to Gary Wilmot, not the comedian or the one from England. There are three sets of Wilmot families in my area. Just some random info for you. Also, have you seen the book that someone wrote about Wilmots? Just wondering. I enjoyed your site... very cool to see people who know how to spell the last name correctly... without an "n". (Moni Wilmot 11 April 2003)

Do you have any information on Samuel R. Wilmot, inventor, partner who started Bridgeport Brass Company in 1865? Partnered with Kissam prior to that in Wilmot & Kissam Mfg. Co.
Thanks for ANY information,
(Dan Edminster 15 March 2003)

Hello, my name is Joseph Richard Wilmot.I am 17 and live in Worcester, Massachusetts.My grandfather was Donald Wilmot and died October 2001.I believe that his father came from England sometime around the turn of the century.My granfather married Eleanor Holmberg and had 9 children.My father is Charles Wilmot and his siblings are Marc, Paul, Ronald, Evette, Lynette, Jeanette, Judy and Dianne.(I don't understand all the "ettes" either but with 9 kids it might just be easier to remember their names if they rhyme.)I also have inumerable cousins and I have to admit I don't know all of their names.Most of the family lives in central Mass except for my uncle Paul who lives in LA.If anyone would like to write me my e-mail is Mojo777777@msn.com There is actually a student named Sam Wilmot in my school who is from Ghana and that is what caused me to look online at my family's history. (Joseph Wilmot, 26 February 2003)

French Wilmots

il y a aussi des wilmot en france!!
there are wilmots in france too!!
vive les wilmot!! (WILMOT Christian 14 February 2003)

I am Michel Wilmot born in 1948 in Valenciennes (France) 10 km to Belgium border.
I found Wilmots in the concentrated in a village called  Aulnoy les Valenciennes since around 1700, they came from Iwy another village between Valenciennes and Cambrai. So the members of that branch are concentrated in this area. There also are Wilmots in other regions (north sea-side, Bordeaux, french riviera ) they certainly have english roots.
I also searched the belgium telephone directory and traced all the Wilmots on a map. It is really amazing to see the track the migration took in the centuries. They came from Maastrich (Nederland) and followed the Sambre river down to french border, via Liège, Waterloo, Charleroi, Maubeuge.
It is said in scholarly books that the name Wilmot comes from Wilhelm, which is scandinavian origin and would be build from "will" and "helm" (helmet). ( Michel Wilmot, 19 October 2002)

Hi, my name is Ben Allatt and my mother's maiden name was Wilmot. We have quite a large cluster of Wilmots located in Pennsylvania thanks to my
grandfather John Wilmot and his wife settling in Philadelphia in the early 1930's (my best guess). My great grandfather and his wife lived in Coleraine, Ireland until relocating with their children to Pennsylvania. There are 4 offspring from that marriage, Anna Wilmot, Betty Wilmot, Jack Wilmot, and Mary Wilmot. All are still alive and there is quite a few offspring from them. My grandfather is Jack Wilmot and he married Myrtle Ottey and had four children, Barbara, John, Nancy, and Patty. My mother is Barbara and she is no longer living, but she married Edward Allatt and had three sons, Eddie, Ben (me), and Joel. My older brother is married and has 2 children.

Like I said there are tons of Wilmots all descendants of my great grandfather who plopped down in the Philadelphia area. I am definitely curious about our roots and who may be familiar with any other Wilmots out of Coleraine, Ireland.

My email address in ben_allatt@hotmail.com. I currently live in Harrisburg, PA and work in the IT Consulting industry.
(Benjamin Allatt, 29 January 2003)

Hi Wilmots! Wow was I suprised to come across this site!  I just for fun typed my husbands name (London Wilmot) in the search bar and this popped up. We were rolling on the floor laughing when we read some of the others gripeing about the *achemm* 'n' problem.  We thought we were alone, oh it is so nice to have a support group. It has become habit since I married a Wilmot to simply say w-i-l-m-o-t sorry no 'n' thank you, everytime. Great site anyway I am going to find out as much as I can about my familys history, I think I have found a new hobby and by the looks of it there are more of us out there than I thought!  Take care//Kelsey Wilmot, wife of London, son of Ronald, brother of Marilyn, children of Herb and Helen Wilmot (and so it goes) and continues with our son Jaake Wilmot!

(Kelsey Wilmot, 16 January 2003)

While having time on my hands after bringing in the New Year, I ran into the "Wilmot" and the write up by the woman who taught in Colorado and listed the Wilmot Castle Co. and a friend who was a descendant of Wilmot Castle.  Well my name is Wilmot V. Castle, Jr. son of Wilmot V. and grandson of Wilmot Castle, the founder of the Wilmot Castle Co.  Wilmot Castle had three sons--Harvard, Wilmot V., and John H...  All worked at the Co. as did John's sons John H Jr. George ( short time) and Richard.  I also worked at the Co as did my sister (short time).  Harvard had not children and my other sister never worked at the Co.   
Unfortunately, we never knew where the name "Wilmot" came from.  We know all about Grandfather and about his father, John Harvard Castle who was a Baptist minister.  But back further than that is unknown except that the family came from Ireland.
I would be interested to learn who the friend in Colorado was.
With best wishes and Happy New Year............Wilmot Vail Castle, Jr.

(Wilmot V Castle <wcastle@rochester.rr.com> 3 January 2003)

For information sent to me in 2002 and earlier, please see the archive page.