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This page contains email I've received from various Wilmots around the world. Many of these people are doing genealogical research. Others just happened to be called Wilmot and are interested in the fact that there are other Wilmots around. The two sections here are for people with Last Name Wilmot. If your first name is Wilmot, you now have your own page. There is also a short section on variants on the name Wilmot on the Wilmot Lore page.

Last name (surname) Wilmot

So many of you have sent me Wilmot genealogy information that I've had to split this up into two pages. This page has the older information: sent to me in 2002 or earlier.

Thank you for putting together the web page.  I am amazed as to how far the family names seems to have spread around the world.
 My name is Natasha Wilmot and my family are all from Maun in Botswana.  I understand my grandfather Robert Wilmot was also born in Botswana.
 I knew the Eastern Cape in South Africa seemed to be riddled with Wilmots, but had no idea they were scattered across the world.
Please would you place me email in your "genealogy" section and should any one wish to know anything about the Botswana Wilmots, please contact me on email: hazelwilmot@mweb.co.za
I have recently moved to South Africa.
Kind regards
Natasha Wilmot (14 October2002)
Editor's note: I asked Natasha where her line of Wilmots originated, to which she replied: The story goes that a family of nine brothers came out on the ships to Cape Town from England.  This is then where our branch of the family is meant to originate from.

[NOTE from the editor: These notes have been sitting in my mailbox for over a year. Many apologies for my tardiness in posting them.]

Have you got an up to date e-mail address for GUY EARDLET-WILMOT? The one shown on my screen draws a blank. I am anxious to get in touch with him, being a distant cousin.
 thank you Wendy Hopkins, 30 May 2002

Great site...all Wilmot's greatly appreciate what you have done. This has got to be one of the most imaginative family sites on the web. Add me to your roster. www.nedwilmot.com
 I am Trip Wilmot's Dad, plus Todd, Scott and Randy. We descend from Capt Benjamin Wilmot [1838-1914] Cos Cob, CT [Greenwich]  He was an oyster fisherman on Long Island Sound his entire life. My brother Clifford and sister Patricia Horton remain in Greenwich today. They seem to be the only one's I know that can spell my name without an "N".
                          Thank you,  Ned Wilmot
                          Palm Desert, CA 16 April 2002

Hello, My name is Laura Wilmot (August 29th, 1981 (I'm also called wilmont, and it drives me crazy...like that sounds better? Right.) , I'm a 20 year old from Kent, Washington. (state) But my father's name is William David Wilmot (June 1st, 1951) , and his father, Roy Wilmot was in an orphanage as a child, but now has been living in seattle all his life.  I have always been very interested in finding out my heritage...whether I have relatives nearby or not. Let me know if you know anything! ( Laura Wilmot, 26 February 2002)

My father's name is Robert Emmit Wilmot, Emmit after the Irish patriot.  I grew up being told I was Irish, red hair, freckles and all.  I never thought twice about it until I met someone from Ireland who emphatically told me I was not Irish- with the name Wilmot.
This has really been a blow to my identity.  Can you offer any help in explaining this.  Do you know is any Irish Wilmots?
 ( Martin Wilmot 20 January 2002)

Hi, I'm searching for any connections to the Frank Wilmots of  Pittsburgh, PA.  I
believe he was my grandmother's uncle.  He was an attorney who worked for
Andrew Carnegie.  Anyone with any information--it would be most welcome to
me.  I'm in the beginning phases of my genealogical search.
(Sushi00@aol.com, 1/20/2001)

Hello fellow Wilmots!!!

What a relief, we're not alone. I'm Joe Wilmot, originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, now a resident of lovely San Diego, California. I don't know much about my grandfather, Frank Wilmot, who came to Ecuador as a railroad engineer sometime near the beginning of the 20th century. I know he was a war veteran (which war, who the hell knows) and that he married my grandmother, Carmen Mancheno, but that's about it; I never got to meet him. My dad, Alfonso Wilmot, was an electronics engineer who built -- though he intended it to be just an experiment at first -- one of the first and longest surviving commercial radio stations in the country. My brother Tommy still lives in Ecuador, my brother Eddie in Los Angeles -- none of us has children.

The "N" Problem is one we are all acutely aware of. It's like a superfine thorn that lives under your skin mostly unnoticed until someone comes along and touches you in just the right spot, then ouch!. It is an abomination, a reprehensible abuse of spelling privileges, a socially transmitted disease. I would more actively condemn and lobby against Wilmonts, Willmonts, Wilmoths, et al. were it not for the compassion I feel for any and all people cursed with aberrant spellings.

Much love to you all!

Joe ( joewilmot@yahoo.com, 1/16/2001; email address updated from email sent 21 May 2003)

     I was surfing the net and came across your cool web site, Im not a Wilmot but here are a couple of sites you might like.
1. A Wilmot coat of arms
2. A Wilmot township in Canada http://www.township.wilmot.on.ca/  you have probably seen this, it was on the Yahoo search engine
3. the coat of arms is the attachment
Have a good one, A fan

Hi! My name is Peter Wilmot and I live in Johannesburg South Africa. I was amazed to find this fantastic website. The Wilmots in South Africa emigrated to South Africa from England in the 1820's.  I would be interested in corresponding with other wilmots.  They can email me at wilmot@xsinet.co.za
Keep up the good work!
Peter Wilmot


My name Gerardo Wilmot Lopez
Born in Monterrey, N.L. Agoust 4  1951
I'm live in Tonala, Jalisco Mexico
My work hand make candles to export.
and work in the government
director to ecologic.
best regards (gerardo wilmot lopez wilmot@prodigy.net.mx, 1/1/2001)

I,m also a Wilmot I was born in Richmond,Kentucky.1947.I have two brothers John David,&james Owsley. All three of us have a son a piece so the name will go on Jim's son lives in St.Louis,mo.and John's & mine live here in Indiana.My oldest child a daugther lives in Canada with her family. My name is Ben McLeod Wilmot whorse@theremc.com    (12/14/2000)

my Name is Jeremiah Wilmot/?? are oy uform whales originally/??i live in pennsylvanie now (Jaw3290@aol.com, 11/30/2000)

The Wilmot from the Saturn television ad!

I just wanted to let you know that I AM the Mike Wilmot from the Saturn ad. While the ad does not portray me specifically, my name was used for the fictional character in the Saturn ad, which was created in 1998 by an ad agency in San Francisco I used to work at (in ads where people/names are made up, agency employees names are often used so that they can sign a release for its use and prevent any litigation by other people out there with the same name).

There was also a print ad that ran. I certainly received my 'five minutes' out of this one.

Best regards.

Michael Wilmot
Senior Consultant Pile and Company
mwilmot@pilenet.com (11/22/2000)

My name is Philip T. Wilmot Jr. and I live in Whittier California. My fathers name (guess)? was Sr. I have two brothers named Richard and Steven. Rick has a son named Christopher and I have a son named Jeffery. My fathers brothers were George, Alfred. I do have a book my aunt worked on that goes back a few years and generations.

The Wilmot name in Germany a lone time ago was "WILLMOUNTH". Talk about a mouth full. Why does everyone want to put the n in Wilmo(n)t?
Phil Wilmot (PHILWILMOT@aol.com,11/5/2000)

I'm also aWilmot I live In Indiana,but origanally came from the state of Kentucky .the family is from lLincoln and Garrard counties. I raise and train Tennesse wlking horses. My e@mail address is whorse@theremc.com    not much I know on the history of our great family, Ben M.Wilmot (10/28/2000).

Dear other Wilmots,

We just came across your web page and thought we would tell you that there is a family with the last name of Wilmot from Australia, living in the state of Tasmania, (which was settled in 1803 as a convict penal settlement). If you look us up on a map, you will see that we live on an island so we are down under the mainland of Australia.

My husband Stuart comes from Glossop, Derbyshire, England and  I met him in Sydney, Australia in 1971. We married and came to live in Tasmania, we have three daughters, Kristina, Janita and Rebecca

(twins). Stuart comes from a large family of 8 brothers and one sister. They all live in the U.K.

There is a town in Tasmania called Wilmot, near the River Wilmot. We have several Wilmot Streets, presumably named after an early Governor  of this colony, Sir John Eardley-Wilmot. (This family has been to all of them). Also, we have a large stone wall in our Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens called the Wilmot Wall.

Relating to Family Genealogy, We are in the Burke's Peerage World Book of Wilmots.  also two of our extended family in England.  If you would like the last-known address in Bath, Ohio USA for your copy of this scintillating book, please contact us by e-mail

swkwjwbw@primus.com.au  and we will send you details. (10/23/2000).


Hello, I was just really bored surfing on the internet when i found your page, My name is chris Wilmot, brother Corey, father bruce and mother dorinda, are all wilmots. i can go farther if you want too. email me... (Chris Wilmot, 9/11/2000)

My name is Barbara Ann Wilmot and I live in London, in the UK. I was, however, born in Africa in November, 1959, in a country that is now called Zimbabwe and this is where I grew up as well. My great grandfather, Alexander Wilmot, brought our branch of the family to Africa sometime around the end of the 19th century. He was a member of the Cape parliament and wrote a book on the botany of the Cape. He was also a member of an old, catholic, English family and was apparently a descendant of the poet, John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester. Sadly, I know very little else about my family and would be most interested to hear from anyone who believes they are related to me and knows more about this line of Wilmots.
Barbara Wilmot
Business Development Director
EMail: Barbara.Wilmot@tnsofres.com (9/7/2000)

Nice to see lots of Wilmots!
Rob Wilmot -jnr
brother of Katherine Wilmot
son of Robert Wilmot
Grandson of Margaret Wilmot
Cheers (Rob Wilmot <ROB@climax.co.uk>, 8/20/2000)

I am looking to trace George C Wilmot-Sitwell who lived in my home at 1 York Road Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England in about 1953. It is thought that Wilmot-Sitwell is a branch of the famous Sitwell family who owned a house in nearby Long Itchington. The Wilmots were also a local family from Berkeswell who owned lime quarries,
Please let me know if you have any info on the family;
Gordon Goddard-Pickett (GodPick@aol.com, 8/13/2000)

I am trying to find out about my grandfather's family.  He was born in
1899...I don't know where.  I think his mother was Effie Cousins.  I get the
feeling he may have been adopted out.  Frank married Hazel Matthison around
1922...they had two children...Jean Elizabeth and Joan...they lived in
Portland, Oregon until my grandfather died around 1989.  He also worked for
the railroad at some point in time and was a painter in the early 1940's.

I am his granddaughter..JoAnne ...age 56 and I live in Dallas, Texas.

I would love to know more about his life.....he was the most wonderful
grandfather in the world!....I miss him!

Any help you can give me would be most appreciated!

Many thanks!
JoAnne Alford
alfordstx@aol.com (8/12/00)

My name is Philip Thomas Wilmot Jr. I live in Whittier California. I have never been interested in genealogy but this site caught my eye. I will be in touch to go further into this subject.
Home E-mail PHILWILMOT@aol.com
Phil Wilmot
Sales Manager
VectraNet Communications, Inc.
Respectfully (7/27/2000)

Hi my name is Liz Amies I was a Wilmot descended from the Wilmots of Dublin.
My cousin Terry Lear has traced the family back to a John Wilmot married to
Ann daughter of John Allam  of Moravia who lived in the early part of the
eighteenth century.  They had a son Samuel Wilmot born 1772 who married Mary
daughter of John Lyons.  They had a son Samuel George born 1821 who married
the daughter of Surgeon JW Cusack.  They had ten children one of whom was
James William Simon born 1852.  He had three children one of whom was
William Henry born 1874,  I believe he lived in Hampstead and married in
Kentish Town then Hanwell.  He had four children one of whom was my father
Richard Geoffrey born 1917.  I live on the Isle of Wight and would love to
know if anyone can relate to this family tree. (Liz Amies <lizamies@btinternet.com> 7/17/2000)

Hello, I am looking for my half-brothers and sisters who were adopted by their mother's husband and now have the last name Wilmot. Their birth father is Robert Ellis, mother is June. They are from Mass. I only know the names of three, Bobby, Bonnie and Tim. Please contact me if you know where or how I can find them. NewsHoundd@aol.com (7/12/2000)

WOW! What a site! I am Guy Eardley-Wilmot, and though I know very little about my family, my father does. We are the Eardley-Wilmots of Berkswell, England and my Dad is Sir Michael Eardley-Wilmot, Bt. As soon as I get back from work i'll call my dad about the site. He has so much information on the history of the Wilmots, paticularly their part in the Civil War and in Canada as well as in England, I'm sure he'll be thrilled by the site. Anyway, Cheers, Guy (guy_wilmot@hotmail.com 7/10/2000)

I am a Wilmot and proud of it too.  I came across your page and started reading it it is very interesting.  I would like to know more about my family and where we come from.  My name is Andrea Wilmot my dad is Rocky Wilmot and my Grandpa is Lesley Wilmot.  My grandpa's dad's anme was Thomas Wilmot.  All that I know about my family is that they started in the States moved to Nova Scotia and then my Great Grandma moved to the Fort St. John area and Great Grandpa was supposed to follow but he never did.  If you could help me find out more that would be great.
P.S I have that 'n' problem too I don't know where people get it from
If you could e-mail me back with anything that would be greatly appreciated
Andrea Wilmot
kido7@hotmail.com (7/5/2000)

My name is Luis Wilmot and I live in San Antonio,Texas.I am originally from Corpus Christi, Texas. My grandfather, Louis G. Wilmot, was one of the original founders of The League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC),the largest and oldest Hispanic organizations in the U.S. An uncle,Jorge Wilmot from Tonala,Mexico is one of the foremost producers of ceramic art in Mexico.Just ask for Wilmot pottery the next time you find yourself in a mercado. Luis Wilmot (7/3/2000).

I have a Flobert boys rifle, acquired by my G.G. Grandfather sometime between1857 and 1862 with the following marking stamped into the barrel "Wilmot Gun Company" Has this anything to do with the Wilmot family?, and does the Wilmot family have anything to do with Wilmot Flats, Vermont? Any answer? Any questions? Paul Voelker, Anaheim, Ca. (6/25/2000)

I'm looking for information about Wilmot's in Ontario, Canada. Specifically about my Grandfather, Tomas Wilmot who died in 1965 and his brother Bert Wilmot, lived in the US and worked as a Pressman (I think). I think their Father, William A. Wilmot came from Wales in the late 1800's early 1900's. That's about all I have, any information would be apprecated! (Sean L. Wilmot, 5/13/2000, updated 1/22/2003)

Hi, my name is Dan Cornia. My line of Wilmot's started with my mother, Frances Emma Muir. Her mother was Nancy Ray Kenney, her mother was Mary Laurie "ollie" Wilmot, her father John Fletcher Wilmot, his father John Jr. Wilmot, his father John Sr. Wilmot who came from England in the mid 1650's. If this sounds familiar, I'd appreciate any imfo anyone has.

John Fletcher's brother was Capt. William Wilmot, the last person killed in the Revolutionary War, 14 Nov 1782. He had another Brother Lt. Robert Wilmot. He was an artillary officer in the same war. After the war he was awarded 2000 + acres for his service to our country.

I'd appreciate any imfo anyone would care to share, Thanx Dan (Dan Cornia, 5/9/2000)

Hi, I just came across your page and I love it. I am Paul Wilmot born in New York 1965 and now living in Washington, DC. My parents were both born in Panama, but both of their fathers were born in the West Indies. It's great to find so many Wilmots and to hear that I am not the only one with the "n" problem. It is a constant irritant! Love and peace to all you Wilmots! We are connected...(Paul Wilmot, 5/5/2000)

My Grandfather was Anthony J Wilmot and came from England to Canada and then to Laconia NY. He died in 1957 in Syracuse NY. My father George H. Wilmot was born in lowville NY. One Aunt Jean, Uncles: twins died young (Floyd and Dewey), Alger Wilmot and Francis (Frank), settled around Auburn NY and Syracuse, Liverpool and Baldwinsville NY. One Brother Anthony A. Wilmot, and One half brother George Leroy Wilmot. Anthony J. worked on the Erie Canal and married a Sarah Jessmer. If you have any information on George Leroy Wilmot or links to family please contact rlight1021@aol.com. (Ruth Wilmot Light, 4/12/2000)

Wilmot is a florist. A very good florist in Bristol, England. The business was bought by my father of a Miss Wilmot soon after the 2nd World War and I have run it for the last 30 years retaining the old name Edith Wilmot. Our web pages are to be found at www.wilmot-florist.co.uk <http://www.wilmot-florist.co.uk> so keep that address by you as you never know when you might need to send someone some flowers. All Wilmots welcome. Peter Jones, Edith Wilmot, Bristol's favourite florist. (2/29/00)

I just read your Wilmot home page and I have decided it`s one of the best sites on the web. I come form a town called Cobh in the far south of Ireland. I have 7 aunts and uncles with the name Wilmot plus a gran aunt (plus inumerous cousins). I therefore didn`t have the dreaded "n" problem while at school - since everyone knew at least one wilmot. There is one other similar family in the town but they spell their names wilmott. We all originally stem from a family in a town called Bandon (about 30 miles away). I did have one "n" person in college. One of my best friends made the mistake once and to have a laugh he would sometimes call me wilmont on purpose.

I believe that the name wilmot comes from Norman England. William was the second most common name (after John). As a pet name some williams were called william "the helmet",which was then taken as a surname eventually being shortened to wilmot.

By the way my sister (also a wilmot ha ha) is obsessed with stuffed toys. Wait until I tell her about this.

Seeya, Mark Wilmot. (11/2/99)

hello, fello wilmots!!! did'nt realise that there was so many of us out there.

My name is Lorianne Eileen Wilmot. well, that's my maiden name. My married name is Iacobellis, but that's another story. I was born December 10, 1965, in Oakville ,Ontario Canada. My father's name was Gary Wilmot, and sadly he died on December 1, 1972. At the time he was working at the Orangeville Raceway. Before that he was Director of Racing for the Jockey Club of Canada. He was only 30 at the time of his death. I have an older brother named Delvin Roy Wilmot and i also had a younger brother named Gary Patrick Wilmot, who died April 28, 1992, aged 18 years. My grandfather was Keith Wilmot, former chief of Police here in Stratford, Ontario. That was many years ago.....

We thought that my brother Del would be the last of our family name, but thankfully he married and had a son, born June 21st, 1998. a gorgeous boy named Graham Gary Wilmot. He also has a lovely little girl called Jenna Joanne, after my mum, who died December 12, 1998. My mum's maiden name was Wood, another fine name.

well, must go. my daughter sara is calling me. again, i really enjoyed the site. long live wilmot!!!!

lorianne [annie] wilmot-iacobellis

p.s: we always were told that the correct way of pronouncing our last name was "wilmut", is this true?

Hello Fellow Wilmot`s, its amazing what you find when you are bored scanning the inter net.Keep the Wilmot name going Mark Wilmot,Bristol,England. (2/10/00)

Hi to all the Wilmots out there. I too have the last name of Wilmot. I live in Amherst ,Nova Scotia, Canada. There are 10 members of my entire family with the last name of Wilmot, and all the families live in Nova Scotia. (Phil Wilmot 2/6/2000)

Looking for any info on a Dean Wilmot of British Columbia, Canada........thanks would be much appreciated. He and I were great friends and i have no way of getting in touch with him again as i moved to Brazil. luv Chris (christina3_7@hotmail.com, 12/15/99)

Anyone out there with information on the long line of Wilmots, Willmotts, Willymotts, Willimotts etc. that lived for a couple of centuries in and around Kellshall, Hertfordshire? I'd love to hear from you. Wally Court at <wlcemc@pathcom.com> (12/14/99).

I have been trying to research the Texas Wilmots, on and off for a while. My grandfather was Louis G. Wilmot from Corpus Christi, TX. His father, Louis Wilmot, and his father's father, George Wilmot were both from Corpus Christi, as well. But I believe George Wilmot eventually emigrated to Texas by way of Canada from England. My information stops at George, with only a spouse's name, Maria Jesusa Gomez from Mexico (?). George and Maria reportedly had nine children, all remaining in the Corpus Christi area. If anybody has further information on this line, please let me know! (10/21/99)

Rosalie Wilmot Garcia Rounsaville
PO Box 160221
Austin, TX 78716
email: RoRoun33@aol.com

Sirs: I have information about some of my Wilmot ancestors and wonder if anyone else is looking for information or has done some family work that would help in my search. I am decended from Leon B. Wilmot, born 27 April 1863 in St. Joe, Indiana, married to Samantha Miser in 1886, and died in 1914 in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. I would like to hear from anyone doing work in this same line. (Robert Keel, rdkeel@ameritech.net, 10/19/99)

Hello, My name is Ashley Siobhan Uilliam Wilmot (Uilliam, not William, it's gaelic, spelled differently but pronounced the same). I am seventeen and I live in London Ontario Canada. My father is Raymond Wilmot (born in Belfast, Ireland) and his father was William George Alexander Wilmot (born in Coleraine, Ireland). His father was George Wilmot, and he was probably born in Ireland too, but I'm not sure. My brother, William Raymond Wilmot, is six years old. I thought I was going to be the last Wilmot in our line, because I'm a girl, but then my Dad remarried and had a son with his new wife, so actually he's my half brother, but who cares. I would like to find other Wilmot's who originate from Ireland, as I am working on a family tree. Anyone who could help me out can email me at siobhan_wilmot@hotmail.com. (10/17/99)

Hi,i think your site is brill! my name is Anthony wilmot,i live in Cheshire,England. I never knew there we're so many people with the same surname. There's none around here! But i have traced back the name Wilmot to the 16th Century England. I'd love a mention on your site,and any body who'd like to e-mail me! Sad arn't i!love it though! thanks,Anthony Wilmot. (anthonywilmot@hotmail.com, 10/17/99)

Wilmots in Illinois write: I am sending you information on some other Wilmots. My husband is Dwight Max Wilmot of Chatham, IL and we have 3 sons, Steven of Springfield, IL, Timothy of Billings, MT, and Gary of Evans, CO. Would like to correspond with Wilmots from Illinois who might have information or be descendants of George Washington Wilmot, Rushville, IL. (9/4/99)

Trip Wilmot writes: My brother Todd Wilmot, and sisterinlaw Marcy and I, Clifford R.(Trip) Wilmot III founded top-drawer.com, the largest and fastest growing, top brand hosiery sellers on the internet...we are building a new website, and when we do get our new site up, we shall do something special for all the Wilmot members...For now they can visit us at Top-drawer.Com. We are from Greenwich Ct. Grandsons of Clifford R. Wilmot ( Tax Assesor in Greenwich)and Great Grandsons of Capt. Benjamin Wilmot who was an oyster and fisherman on the Long Island Sound...We have two more brothers, Scott Pierce Wilmot and Randy Wilmot....One nephew, Ben, but one pregnant sister-in-law, so here's hoping for a BOY!!! Although I sure love my 3 beautiful nieces...Our father is Edward Pierce Wilmot of Palm Desert who grew up in Greenwich...Great fun to hear all about Wilmot's...Thanks....Trip (8/2/99)

Gary Wilmot of Manchester, England writes: where did all you pop up from. looking through this page you have neglected to point out there is a famous black english comdian called gary Wilmot (7/8/99)

Mary Jo WILMOT writes from Arkansas: Hello there! I am 16 year old Mary Jo Wilmot, daughter of Dale Hays and Mary Wilmot, of Van Buren, Arkansas, granddaughter of the late Russell Leroy Wilmot of Towanda Pennsylvania and Betty Jo Wilmot of Van Buren, Arkansas. Its great to hear of all these Wilmots! I have 2 uncles, David Wilmot, and Dennis Wilmot. I'm sure my family wouild love to hear of all this! I wonder if we are all related? (6/1/99)

Shana Wilmot has a lot of great information about Canadian Wilmots: It is interesting-I have never thought of looking up Wilmot on the internet. I am, of course, a Wilmot from Brantford, Ontario. My grandfather, Eardley Wilmot, was the Mayor of Bellville and there is Wilmot creek named after our family. One of my great great uncles was one of the fathers of Canada's confederation, while my great grandmother's research into the family tree in the early 20's traced us back to, yes, the Earl of Rochester, who's name was Eardley Wilmot. There was a castle in the Wilmot family in England outside Edinborough until the early 20's called Scalveny Castle. And we have a farm outside Brantford that has been in the family since 1820. Very interesting family-I find myself very fortunate to be a Wilmot.(Shana Wilmot: sWilmot@yorku.ca, 5/31/99)

After 56 years, a gentleman named Ron just found out he was adopted and that his family name is Wilmot! Welcome to the family Ron! (5/26/99)


Randie Bricker, a First grade teacher at Wilmot Elementary in Deerfield, Illinois writes about the school: We just celebrated our 150th birthday. The Wilmot family gave the land to build our school. There was some stipulation that a door must always face south because Mrs. Wilmot watched her children walk home from that door. We have also recreated "Clarissa's Prairie" on the corner of Wilmot and Deerfield Road to honor Clarissa Wilmot. (4/21/99)

Wayne Cole writes: I am Wayne Cole, son of Hazel Wilmot of Jamaica. She is a direct desendant of John Wilmot Lord of Rochester. (3/28/99)

A founding member of Freeserve, an internet service provider in the UK, is named Rob Wilmot. He is currently the Media Development Director (Rob Wilmot, rob@freeserve.net 3/22/99)

Edith Wilmot in Sarnia Ontario Canada writes: What a lot of Wilmot! Hello from Edith Wilmot - who's mom and dad came from Yorkshire, Huddersfield, England. (3/19/99)

Rick Wilmot writes: Wilmot notes from the UK which may be of interest. Wilmot CLOSE is a little road in north London just west of the St. Pancras and Islington Cemetry. I'm guessing that some of the road names in that area were taken from graves in the cemetry. My family's grave is in there containing three WilmotS. (Apparently, there's room for one more on top.) My father is still alive and kicking at 91 years old.

There's another Wilmot CLOSE in Peckham, south London. Wilmot PLACE is off St. Pancras Way, Camden in north London. Another Wilmot PLACE is in Hanwell, west London. Then there's three Wilmot ROADS in London. One in Leyton, another in Wood Green and another in Carshalton, south London.

I live in Poole in Dorset. My wife, JANE Wilmot is a local Councillor. My nephew, GARY Wilmot will be the last in the line unless he produces a son. COME ON GARY. (Y/YY/99)

A description of the town of Wilmot, Wisconsin: I lived in Wilmot Wisconsin about five years ago and now live about two miles to the west in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. We in this area also have experienced that many people add the "n" into the name. There are quite a few roads in the area called Wilmot Rd. - Wilmot Ave. etc. and when I lived in that town I also had the name "Wilmot" on my vanity license plate. It is a very small little town with a gas station, a few restaurants & antique stores, It has the High school for many surrounding towns, a grade school just for the Wilmot area and a few churches. It is the home for the county fair and is also used on weekends during the summer months for a stock car race track. (Rick & Brenda Edwards 1/17/99)

Marge Covey seeks her Wilmot ancestors: Searching for "F.G. Wilmot" He married my g-g-grandmother, CYNTHIA J. PHELPS, in October 26, 1882 in McKinney, Texas. Found a marriage license in McKinney for them. Was informed they moved to Indian Territory. (Now Southeastern Oklahoma) Can't find anything on either one from there. (Margie Phelps Covey Odessa, Texas 79764 margcov@marshill.com)

J. Steven Wilmot writes: My wife (Sandra) and i live in Ft. Worth Texas. I would like to reinforce the fact that there is NO "n" in Wilmot and that it's a very powerful name. (11/29/98)

Gary ALLAN Wilmot writes: Just surfing for Wilmot genealogy when I found your site.I am interested in tracing ancesteral roots.My dad traced relatives back to the Civil War,based in Northern New Hampshire,Vermont.We would like to find out more. (11/7/98, bowil@worldpath.net )

John C. Roberts is trying to find info about Thomas Wilmot and William Wilmot of Jamaica; W.I. Here's the info he has: I know that two brothers left Scotland for the U.S. and one later settled in Jamaica. What are their names? (John C. Roberts, joro@netcom.ca, 12/10/97)

Terry Wilmot, PhD, writes: Came across your page et al., this a.m., while surfing. I am the grandson of Dan and Grace Wilmot of Roswell UFO fame. I was young and naive while he was still alive and so never talked about the episode with him...apparently he didn't talk too much with my father (Paul Wilmot) either as he didn't know very much about it. (8/13/97)

Aboriginal Wilmots: Just finished looking thru Wilmot web page, and it occured to us that there are no references to aboroginal/tribal Wilmots. Well here we are, Wilmot's of the Mi'gmaq tribe(micmac)in eastern Canada. Also would like to know of any professional or family gatherings (5/22/97 Joe Wilmot).

William Wellington Napier writes: to all wilmots, i just read the web page and am very excited to know there are so many of us. i am also curious to know if most of us share the same problem of having an " n " inserted you know where in our name. what is the deal with that? i thought it was just me, like maybe i had a speech impediment or something. by the way the cadillac was not silver plated. (3/10/97)

Supporting the Life on Mars hypothesis, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot were apparently key witnesses to the Roswell UFO back in 1947. As the web page says: "Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot apparently were the only persons in Roswell who seen what they thought was a flying disk." (2/28/97)

Another industrious Wilmot has founded Wilmot/Sanz, Inc. Actually it was two: John C. Wilmot and James C. Wilmot...among others. (2/28/97)

While netsurfing, we saw that Gary Wilmot has lost his tablecloth. Can you help him find it? (2/28/97)

Michael and Kathy Wilmot in Maryland send their hellos. They own a business in White Marsh, MD called Wilmot Modular Structures, which leases and sells modular buildings and office trailers. You can visit their Website at WilmotModular.com. (2/26/97).

From William W. Wilmot, Ph.D.: Hi. As I was searching the web, I came across the Wilmot web search you did. I'm William W. Wilmot (Bill) with a Ph.D. in communication. Professor at Univ of Montana since 1972. Author of numerous books, the latest being Elaine Yarbrough and William W. Wilmot ARTFUL MEDIATION: CONSTRUCTIVE CONFLICT AT WORK (Cairns Publishing, 1995), and William W. Wilmot, RELATIONAL COMMUNICATION. (McGraw-Hill, 1995). I have just finished writing the new edition of W. Wilmot and J. Hocker INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT, 5th edition, which will be released this next early fall by Brown and Benchmark (who was just purchased by McGraw-Hill). (12/28/96).

Trip Wilmot III and family send this greeting: All the Wilmot's in Los Angeles enjoyed your site,...Thank you. (12/25/96 - Merry Christmas, Trip!)

Mr. Benjamin Supper was kind enough to post a Big Picture of Wilmot. Well, it's a different Wilmot, but it counts. (12/17/96).

Brian Mullins would like to say "Hi!" to David Wilmot in Denver, Colorado. Brian and David have been friends since 1976. (11/1/96)

John Wilmot in Toronto, Canada is celebrating his birthday by visiting this page. Happy birthday John! (I may have missed it, as I was lax in getting my mail. If so, happy belated birthday!) John reports that there appears to be no family resemblance between his line of Wilmots and the stuffed animal pictured above. (10/19/96)

Steve Wilmot reports: I have been living in the Chicago area for about a year and have found a Wilmot Street in the city of Chicago- only about two blocks long. In the town of Wilmot, WI there is a ski area called Wilmot Mountain, believe me its no mountain, and they don't offer family discounts either, I asked. (7/24/96, Link to Wilmot Mountain added 2/28/97; link updated 4/13/99)

You can access the Wilmot Gate to the Internet thanks to Ron Wilmot and his family.(7/22/96)

Jerome Lacher reports that rest area 129 in Roberts County, South Dakota is commonly referred to as the "Wilmot Rest Area" (probably because it's seven miles west of the city of Wilmot). Jerome owned and operated a hardware store in Wilmot for 11 years until 1989.(7/15/96)

There are even Wilmot's downunder; check out WOW in Western Australia, brought to you by Andrew Wilmot.(4/25/96; link updated 8/8/97)

Donald Wilmot's (Gary's father) first cousin Priscilla Alldin (or Allden) is a direct descendent of the wife of the captain of the Mayflower (and who said Wilmots don't make their mark in the world?). (Gary Wilmot 2/21/96)

Gary Wilmot(!) reports that there is a Wilmot Street off of Fillmore in San Francisco, CA. (Gary Wilmot 2/21/96)

Tom Battley from Rochester, NY reports that a Wilmot family lives in Rochester, and is one of the wealthiest families in the US. "They are the 18th largest owners of SHOPPING MALLS. I just read that they are worth roughly $660M. In the 1970's James Wilmot gave a silver plated cadillac to Idi Amin Dada" (29 July 1995...3/10/97 update: William Wellington Napier claims that the Cadillac was not silver plated)