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This page contains information on people whose First Name is Wilmot. Very few people seem to have Wilmot for a first name, so you should be proud if you are one of the fortunate ones. For Wilmot surnames, see the main Wilmot Genealogy page. This site also has some information on variants on the name Wilmot on the Wilmot Lore page, so if your name is Wilmott, Willmott or Willmounth you might find something there. Amazingly, I have never heard of anyone whose real name is "Wilmont" with an 'n'.

First name Wilmot

Wilmot (Bill) Foster, Jr. in Portland, OR, was named after Wilmot Township in Ontario, which is where the family came from back in the 1860s...to Oregon via Minnesota...Met a few Wilmots and variations last name, but never a first name. Grandfather and father both Wilmots, but with different middle names. Prounounces the name like "Will-mott" (bill@nwfilm.org, 9 December 2016)

Wilmet and Wilmot McLin are brother and sister, named after their father Wilmot. Their names are pronounced with the accent on the second syllable: Wil met' and Wil mot'. (wilmetmclin@earthlink.net, 9 February 2007, wilmetmclin@earthlink.net)

I was bored at work and entered in Wilmot on msn and found the site.  I had no idea there were others out there like me.  I have never met another Wilmot and am in constant battle with the "n" being inserted.  Now I will no where to direct the morons that cannot spell my name.  Eternally grateful I am truly yours, Wilmot Irvin (wilmot@litchfieldrealestate.com, 18 October 2003)

For the longest time I thought my grandfather, father and I were the only Wilmots anywhere and now i find others just like us. Not only just like us but persons with Wilmot surnames. This is too much. (Wilmot E. Roberts III 8/6/99)

Wilmot Li writes: I just met my first Wilmot (Kidd) last year at school. Through a stroke of tremendous good fortune, we ended up in the same Physics class on Classical Mechanics, and went on to take Quantum Mechanics the next semester, during which time we became much better acquainted. Mr. Kidd remains the only Wilmot I've personally met. (6/3/99,6/23/99 - Mr. Li tells me that he was given the name Wilmot at birth because it sounds like his traditional Chinese name: wei-mau.)

Wilmot Valhmu found our site! Here's what he has to say: I found your tidbit about the Wilmot Site very amusing. Needless to say, the site is now one of my favorites. I didn't realize that there are so many Wilmots out there (real live Wilmots, that is). Best wishes! Wilmot B. Valhmu, Ph.D. (9/10/97)

The City of Brookings, South Dakota, was named for Judge Wilmot W. Brookings (this is the first instance I've seen of someone whose first name is Wilmot (Art Lassagne 5/28/96)